Apprenticeships and Traineeships in Perth, W.A.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships in Perth, W.A.

Apprenticeship is the best way to enter in the various industrial fields. Apprenticeship is basically a structured training program that offers you the chance to work towards the qualification. They help in gaining skills as well as knowledge which is needed to succeed in a particular career. When you get into employment earlier there are chances of progressing in career faster. Also, you start earning good from the start. So, if you are looking to join Apprenticeships Perth Western Australia then read this article and know benefits of it.

Benefits of Apprenticeship-

Get an education-

There is an education element in apprenticeship which helps you learn the skills on a job or in a classroom. In a few cases, you get the college credit also a bachelor degree via this program. Hence we can say that it is an alternative to the 4-year degree and they can be the best path to get a good job without paying the high tuition cost and without a student loan debt.

Earn while learning-

Unlike normal training program apprenticeships are the jobs. The Employer can put you to work directly and you will be paid from the starting day. As an employee you will start with a fraction of your wage then slowly and slowly your wages keep on increasing as you learn more. This is commonly 50-60 percent while most of the internship is unpaid but the apprenticeship is always paid. So, when you are under the apprentice Perth Western Australia program then you will not need to worry about the money.

Cut to chase-

You’re already put on the job as an apprentice instead of simply studying in the classroom. So, instead of setting back your career you get started with your career right away. An apprentice will learn the hand on skills in the future work environment and also get real-time experience while learning.

Strengthen your career-

In various training programs, there is given no guarantee of a job. However, an apprenticeship, it is not like that. As an apprentice, you need not to worry about searching for the job after you finish your training. Secondly finishing this program means you are certified in that field or industry. You can also earn a license, certification or a certificate through this program. That means you are going to be highly marketable in your field.

Now, if you are looking for Apprenticeships Perth Western Australia provider then here we have points to be considered while choosing one. Apprenticeship is available in 170 sectors. Based on your skills and interest you can narrow the options to the handy amount.

Choose an employer-

When selecting the employer consider these points.

  • Company size- a large company will hire more apprentices while the smaller will hire only one or two.
  • Work environment– Since it takes time to complete the apprenticeship hence it is important that you choose a company which has a good environment or that you can tolerate the environment of that company.
  • Pay- While in some company minimum wages are offered for apprenticeship, however, some employers pay high.
  • Progression- It is important to acknowledge that if the company proposes progression routes after the finishing of the apprenticeship.
  • Training pace- Select an employer that provides an apprenticeship which supports your training need.

Important skills of an apprentice

There are some important skills which an employer look for when hiring an apprentice.

Work ethic– An employer always wants an apprentice who is willing to show efforts on the job. So, make sure when you are entering an apprenticeship program you are willing to work. Showing effort means that there are more chances that the employers hire you and then your salary may also increase.

Communication- It is important that you have basic communication skills because employers look for this skill in an apprentice. So, keep enhancing your communication skills or learn it beforehand. You must be frank enough and should be able to keep your views and communicate with your team members well.

Enthusiasm– it is very necessary and employers will hire only ones who are passionate in the field. No one will hire the lazy ones so make sure you have an interest in the field and enough knowledge or at least eagerness to learn and work.

Teamwork- it is important that as an apprentice you are willing to work with others as well as accept their instructions. Teamwork is required everywhere so it is important that you are cooperative and have a habit of listening to others.

Technical skills

It is not mandatory to have the technical skills but employers commonly appreciate that apprentice who is having technical skills or knowledge in some field. So, if you learn some technical skills or you already have it then it will be good for you.

Professionalism– it is important that the candidate is aware of professionalism and professional prospect of the workplace. Taking things professionally increase your chances of making a good career in a particular field and you can earn more.

All these skills are important for an apprentice. Now that you are aware of the benefits of the apprentice program and also you have learned how to select the good apprentice program, you may get easily Apprenticeships Perth Western Australia.

Make sure when joining online any apprenticeship program you check the experience of the company or community in this field. Also, read about the services they provide to you. You can contact them directly and know more about their program, how it is useful for you and clear other queries.

Hurry up and choose the best Apprenticeships Perth Western Australia for making a good career. Online there are several communities which offer such program so be careful when choosing one. Better than you look at benefits, how they work and what kind of mentors they have and if the place you are working is environment-friendly or not. We hope you start in the best way your career and get the dream job in the future.



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