Premier Educational Institutes In Dubai Creek Harbour

Premier Educational Institutes In Dubai Creek Harbour
Premier Educational Institutes In Dubai Creek Harbour   The quality of education is one of the most important and influential factors to consider before choosing the right place to live. Most families relocate or upgrade their living place because of the education of their children.

The saying “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” by Nelson Mandela emphasizes the importance of education in making the future of children. Through education, they can turn their dreams into reality.  

The education system of any region plays an influential role in the development of any country. Similarly, we can see the impact of education on the continuous successful growth and evolution of Dubai – the capital of UAE and one the most successful and developed cities in the world.  

There are plenty of amazing communities in Dubai that are the best living places for locals, expats, and foreigners. These communities are a mixture of different cultures and people from across the world are more interested in living in Dubai due to its evolving nature and impressive development.

Among all the amazing communities of Dubai, we will explore Dubai Creek Harbour education institutes. Dubai Creek Harbour’s educational institutions not only show the city’s unwavering dedication to education but also how education has influenced the city, making it a dynamic hub of innovation and development on an international scale.  

The Education System In Dubai

As the number of foreigners is increasing rapidly in Dubai and due to this growth, the number of international schools also increasing. These schools follow different curriculums like British, American, Indian, Canadian, French, and other curricula.  

90% of education in Dubai is delivered by the private sector and ADEK Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge defines the policies and strategies of educational institutes and ensures high-quality education.   The grading system in Dubai followed the same USA grading system.   Education is compulsory from 4 to 18 years in Dubai.   There are four stages of education in Dubai;

Kindergarten Education Primary Education Preparatory Education Secondary Education  

Top Schools In Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour is one of the mega projects in Dubai. It is a sustainable and attractive destination for foreigners. The educational institutes in Dubai Creek Harbour are committed to delivering high-quality education, cutting-edge educational facilities, and a holistic educational experience to the children and preparing them for the future.

The top schools in this vibrant community and dynamic community are excellent choices for families seeking high-quality education.

Here is the view of top schools in Dubai Creek Harbour;

Deira International School

Deira International School is the top-rated school near Dubai Creek Harbour. It offers high-quality education and highly qualified staff is hired to deliver the international level of education to the students.

This top-notch school was established in 2005 with 240 students and now in 2023, according to the KHDA report, 1800 students are getting an education from this internationally renowned institute and students are from 80 different nationalities and 12% are local emirates.

This amazing school has been awarded an outstanding rating by the government of UAE.

Teachers follow the British Curriculum and improve the English learning capabilities of students.

Parents are more satisfied and appreciate the educational facilities and standards of learning provided by this most trusted educational institute.

Curriculum: British Curriculum

Annual Fees: AED 58,000

Location: Dubai Festival City

Classes: Nursery to Primary

Government Rating: Outstanding

The City School International

The renowned school at the international level and made progress and developed its branches in many countries is The City School International and Dubai is also one of the countries where this high-level educational institute has earned its name.

The City School International in Dubai Creek Harbour is a highly recommended, demanding, and strongly appreciated school not only by the locals but also by the foreigners who have settled in Dubai.

The school provides quality education with a wide range of facilities and highly qualified and experienced teaching staff follow the British curriculum and give importance equally to the curricular and co-curricular activities. 

The government of UAE has rated it “Good” which is enough to consider it one of the best schools in the region.

Curriculum: British Curriculum

Annual Fees: AED 21,000

Location: Nadd Al Hamar

Classes: Nursery To Primary

Government Rating: Good

Grammar School Dubai

The Grammar School Dubai is located prime location in Grammar School Dubai and is a highly recommended school due to its prime location and affordable fee structure. With a moderate level of educational cost, it delivers high-quality education and does not compromise on the quality of learning.

This amazing school was developed in 2005 and is highly appreciated by foreigners as it follows the British syllabus and the learning environment for curricular and co-curricular activities is up to the mark level.

Curriculum: British Curriculum

Annual Fees: AED 5400

Location: Al Garhoud

Classes: Nursery To Primary

Government Rating: Acceptable

Gulf Montessori Nursery

At nursery level school, Gulf Montessori Nursery located 4.1 kilometers away from the center of Dubai Creek Harbour is the best nursery school in the region.

It focuses on the early education of kids, enhances their learning abilities, and manages fun-loving activities that help the children develop an interest in education and enhance their skills and abilities.

The best and most highly experienced staff follow both curricula, the national and British syllabus so the students may able to learn at national and international institutes for higher education.

Curriculum: Montessori Curriculum

Annual Fees: AED 21,800

Location:  Al Garhoud

Classes: Nursery

American International School

Among the top schools in Dubai Creek Harbour that follow the American school curriculum is the American International School, which is especially popular among American expats in Dubai.

This private, independent school was inaugurated in 2003, and experienced teaching staff follows an American accent and curriculum for teaching.

American International School is highly acceptable by the government of UAE and gives education to children from kindergarten to grade 12. 

Curriculum: American and IB Curriculum

Annual Fees: AED 60,000

Location: Dubai Festival City

Classes: Nursery To Primary

Government Rating: Very Good

 Final Verdict

Overall, these five best schools in Dubai Creek Harbour provide the best quality education for children and provide the best platform for them to succeed in the future.

You can find different schools following different curricula and offer various tuition fees so you can select an educational institute by keeping in mind your preferences, affordability, and curricula you want to follow as per your background.

It does not matter, whether you are a local emirate or you are from another region who has settled in Dubai and looking for the best educational institute for his children, Dubai will never disappoint you as it offers plenty of educational opportunities that fulfill the demands of high-level and up to the mark quality of education.

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