3 Most Trusted Medium-To-Heavy Truck Parts Dealer in Ontario, Canada

3 Most Trusted Medium-To-Heavy Truck Parts Dealer in Ontario, Canada

Over the five years leading up to 2022, the medium-to-heavy truck parts dealers business has expanded. As economic growth increased freight transportation activity in 2018, the demand for heavy-duty truck parts trended upward. The need for heavy-duty vehicle parts grew as there were more trucks on the road. 

Since there is more need for truck transportation, there is also more demand for heavy-duty truck parts, which are needed for both the construction of brand-new trucks and the maintenance of the country’s current fleet of trucks.  

In this article, read about the 3 most trusted medium-to-heavy truck parts dealers operating in Ontario, Canada. 

  1. Langilles Truck Parts

Langille’s Truck Parts is one of the best selling accessories for heavy trucks, operating in Canada and having the enthusiasm and expertise to assist you to get the truck parts you need: David Langille had an interest in trucks at a young age and always had the goal of making Langille’s Truck Parts the go-to place for all truck part requirements. 

David’s travels and tours throughout the globe have also increased his knowledge of the trucking industry and the necessity for Langille’s to uphold higher standards of customer care in order to offer the best truck parts for both domestic and international customers.

The Langille’s Team is unmatched in its expertise and love for trucks and truck parts. If you want to have info regarding medium-to-heavy truck parts, you need to give them a call right away so that they can assist you with your demands for truck components.

  1. Nobleton Truck Centre

Heavy-duty truck parts are sold by Nobleton truck centre in Ontario. They buy, sell, and ship old medium- and heavy-duty truck components all over the world. For all trucks made in North America, they provide a wide choice of parts, including transmissions, diesel engines, differentials, and other components. 

Nobleton truck centre has been a locally owned and operated business for decades, and we provide services that are trustworthy and honest. They also provide the selling of truck parts made in North America by numerous renowned brands. 

No matter if you need a used truck in its entirety or just a few individual parts like truck bodies, doors, or hoods to assemble yourself, Nobleton truck centre has it all. They keep a huge stock of parts available for shipping anywhere in the world! You may rely on them to deliver small shipments or lots of parts to you. 

  1. Dunlop Truck Centres

You may purchase Allison genuine parts at Dunlop truck centres in Lethbridge, Alberta, as they are an Authorized Dealer. Genuine parts are made with quality and expertise, particularly for your Allison transmission and are covered by the Allison factory warranty.

Through their distribution centre in Calgary, Alberta, they have access to more than $20 million worth of components and stock over $2,500,000 worth of parts. The Alliance brand components that people sell at Dunlop truck centres are famous for their great quality and dependability.

They sell several truck parts like antifreeze, batteries, belts, accessories, parts for heating and air conditioning etc. Additionally, they have a sizable selection of trustworthy remanufactured alternators, engines and starters; all of which are covered by a national guarantee.


No one can deny the need and ever-growing demand for medium to heavy truck parts. People always seek truncated sellers who can provide them with quality parts for their vehicles.

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