High School Study Tips

High School Study Tips

Select the Best Online School

Many people tend to ignore the fact that the right educational institution can do wonders when it comes to providing the best online schooling. In times of COVID-19, many schools and educators are trying to offer easy and convenient at home solutions. By altering their curriculum, and using sophisticated home learning tools and smart classroom set-ups, an excellent preschool can help you child with their learning curve.

The COVID-19 crisis does not mean that the education of your child needs to come to a stop. If you want to ensure the best educational setup during these testing times, you need to work with a preschool that ensures the best at all times.

According to educational experts, an international school education focusses on helping kids improve their grasping power through short but concentrated study sessions. This allows them to keep their brains active and gather the best knowledge and information. Anything that is done in a monotonous fashion is not encouraged, especially at the top international schools.

Studying in today’s world is a bit difficult since there are so many factors that determine how effective your reading time is. However, one critical ingredient in getting the best out of your study is concentration. When you concentrate, you can assimilate better and soak up as much information as you can.

Although people are different, some universal tips can help you achieve optimal concentration, thus improving your productivity while studying. From Leonard and the Study Prep team, here are some studying tips for high school students.

Keep your study time short

Studying can be a drag. No matter what you’ve heard, it’s a challenging task to perform; more so in today’s world, where distractions are rife. However, there’s a simple way for you to keep your study time-efficient, and it’s not by sitting in a quiet place of looking at your books for 6 hours straight. No! It’s about committing 50 to 75 minutes every day to reading, and you’ll be amazed at the results you create. Now, this isn’t to say that you won’t get excellent outcomes if you read for long or cram the entire note a day before the exam; what works for you depends on you and not anyone else. However, one crucial thing required to create a productive study routine is consistency, and that’s what this reading regimen helps you to develop.

By keeping a reasonable amount of time and sticking to it, you’ll be able to keep your brain active, while also optimizing the storage and retention process. In general, work-related stress is reduced significantly, and your cognitive strength is increased.

Identify your optimal study space

It might seem overreaching, but having a constant study environment could help you improve your studying efficiency. A stable environment keeps you in the right frame of mind. It also aids relaxation.

So, when it’s time to get school work done, it’s recommended that you designate specific locations ready. These are the areas you use for study sessions, and you should stick to them.

Also, keep in mind that your study space is an individual choice; you don’t need to feel bothered about how others read. Some people prefer to read on their own, while others do their best work when surrounded by others. Your job is to experiment with various environments until you find one (or two, or three) that you like and which works for you.

Stay away from the bed

There’s that years-old notion that you can read in bed and be productive. Well, that’s not so true. Apart from the fact that you risk associating your bed to work, reading in bed also puts you at risk of nodding off since you’re so comfortable.

You want to be alert and ready to work when you decide to get some studying done. So, get off your bed, look out for any of your ideal study locations, and get ready to study.

Keep your zone free of distractions

When it comes to distractions, there are those you can control (such as your mobile phone and other devices). And those that are difficult to control. For example, emergencies, people walk-ins and others.

For the first category, you need to be ruthless in curtailing them. The best way to study is to immerse yourself into your work, and distractions won’t help you get that done. So, stay away from the “quick breaks” where you check on social media or your latest chats or even a snack break that could lead to something else.

As stated earlier, various distractions could take your time, and giving in to any of them could drain you of much needed resources. One minute, you’re sitting down and getting ready to get work done, and in the next minute, you get caught up in an activity and realize that you already spent two hours there without getting anything productive done.

So, as much as you can, keep distractions away. Make a snack for yourself before you start studying, and keep your phone far away. Empty your bladder as well, and make sure you take care of anything that will require you to get up from that seat.

Be comfortable

Apart from keeping you satiated, taking care of your body ensures that you’re in an elated mood and can concentrate while you study. It also reduces the need to get up and do something else- an activity which, although minute, can break your focus and start a string of distractions that will leave you unproductive at the end of the day.

So, make sure that you have a jacket, water, coffee, snacks, some toilet paper, whatever it is you need to study in peace so you’ll be comfortable while you study.

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