How to Choose the Best Electronic Logbook for Trucker

How to Choose the Best Electronic Logbook for Trucker

The market is flooded with so many electronic logbooks, or electronic logging devices (ELDs), as they are commonly known. Thus, it could be an uphill task for many truckers to choose one that suits them best. But with the right information, one can choose one easily. Sometimes, this calls for embarking on research to find the ELDs that are being praised by other truckers. If not, then consulting with an experienced fleet solution provider will help.

We will guide you on how to choose the best electronic logbook for your fleet of trucks. Follow these tips carefully to learn more.

Check If It Is Registered

All ELDs are supposed to be registered with the relevant authorities in your country. It is now a regulation that trucks must have these devices to enhance productivity while bringing harmony when reconciling the hours of service (HOS). Before buying a certain electronic logbook solution, first research or consult to know if they are registered. If so, then this is a good option if it meets your other requirements.

Understand More About the Manufacturer

As mentioned earlier, there are many options when it comes to these devices. But if you look closely at who is producing them, you can easily tell whether this tech solution will be reliable or not. Some of the checkpoints include the year of registration, which gives you their experience, references, endorsements from other clients, where they rank globally, and their partners, among many other things. If you feel satisfied with their company structure and operations, then you can buy from them.

The Features of the Solution

ELD solutions are a combination of hardware and software. The numbers and types of features that they have determines the services you will get. Yes, they all have the basics of keeping the time of operations, but other features like tracking location, tamper-proof seals, and other features are essential. If you browse this site, you will see such products and can talk to the solution providers for more details.

The Cost Implication

Value for money is important when buying the ELD solution for your fleet of trucks, but this should not shoot way beyond your budget. Many people determine the budget after some research on what other sellers are offering. If you are to engage the solution providers, make sure that there are no hidden charges. It is crucial to understand how much they will charge per year and assess if it is fair for your company.


ELD solutions are essentially technology that needs updates and support throughout its lifetime. If the seller is not willing to give this, then it is a raw deal. Check with their referrals if they have been working on updates to add new features and roll them out to their customers in an easy way. Additionally, ensure that they can be reached at any time for support.

With all of these items checked off, you have an ideal ELD solution for your trucking business. The most important thing is to ensure that it suits your current and anticipated future needs. If you plan well, getting this will be very easy.

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