Video Optimization: Why it Matters in 2019?

Video Optimization: Why it Matters in 2019?

From small businesses to big corporations, entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of digital marketing, particularly SEO (search engine optimization). Aside from ranking, companies are now focused on branding and engagement – this is the reason why they established official Facebook pages and other social media networks to get in touch with their customers.

Researching the best agencies takes time and effort. Sure, you can find a list of agencies. However, checking the background and portfolio may sometime tricky. Luckily, there are branding agencies that aims to connect artists and agencies to clients.

Every year, there is always a new strategy in digital marketing as the behavior of online users changes constantly. So what is new in 2019 in digital marketing?

Apart from SEO, do you know that voice engine optimization is now a thing in digital marketing? It is not surprising that it becomes a thing because of the growing numbers of users of the voice search app.

What is VEO By The Way?

VEO stands for voice engine optimization. Just like SEO, it requires keywords and content. But how can you optimize it?

You use voice search apps like Google, Siri, and Cortana on your smart device if you are in a hurry or multitasking. The virtual assistant is the one who provides relevant answers. Just like searching using desktop, the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), it shows top results with multiple options and unlimited scrolls to dig in for more answers. Meanwhile, on mobile searching, it typically displays the top three local results with quick links. However, in voice searching, it only offers one answer.

The main goal of digital marketers is to optimize content that contains the answer needed by users. This year, it is necessary to include voice optimizing in the strategy because this is another way to reach potential clients .

Why Digital Marketers and Businesses Should Care About VEO?

Voice search has been predicted will conduct up to 50% of all search activity by 2020, according to  ComScore. Additionally, searchers are said to be 3X more likely to be local-based than any text search.

Industries that will benefit from voice search optimization are food, eCommerce, services like plumbing, HVAC,  gas, and more google reverse image. VEO also improves the optimization of the local listing of businesses .

VEO vs. SEO Strategy

People use search voice and on a desktop or mobile phone have a different approach. Those who use desktops or mobile devices are most likely type shorter keywords or phrases. For example, “best Italian restaurants in Boston.” When it comes to using voice search,  most likely they to their device in a conversational tone. They will say, “Hey Google! Where is the best place to get an Italian meatball sub near me?”

The formula is simple. Text search = short snippets while on voice search = full, and conversational questions. In other words, voice search requires longer and specific questions.

What Are the Sources of Information of The Voice-Activated Devices?

Amazon Alexa has partnered with Yelp for local voice search. Google is driven by Google maps, while  Siri gets information from Apple Maps. Meanwhile,  the built-in voice search tech for Microsoft computers Cortana is powered by Bing.

Below are the Simple Ways to Optimize Content for VEO

  1. Start Optimizing Local ListingOptimizing requires honesty from the business owners. That’s why in Google listing, it needs to submit current business address because it aims to help users to find the location of the business.To get the approval of Google My Business, submit the following: name, address, and phone (NAP) data consistent. You may add photos to help users find your place.GMB is a free tool that allows business owners to make their location visible on Google maps,  monitor and reply to customer reviews, and learn where and how people are searching for you.
  2. Speed up the websiteMaking a website is vital if you want to reign the voice search engine because users want a quick answer. Apart from that, the website speed is important  because it affects the mobile ranking of the website since Google released “speed update.”According to SEJ, the average time to load a mobile landing page is 15 seconds. But the ideal duration is three seconds.
  3. New Content Strategy 2019: Focus on questions and provide answers41% of mobile users say using a voice search is like talking to a friend. In other words, these people are engaging with voice-activated speakers as if they are talking to real humans.In this case, optimizing content for voice engine is not about keywords, but the actual questions that most people ask. So how to optimize your content and win the voice engine ranking?Focus on conversational phrases or long-tail keywords/phrases in your content because it allows the website to provide natural language questions. Make sure it answers the common questions about your website. You can only do this by focusing on optimizing your FAQ page.Here are the things you can do to optimize your FAQ page
    • Your FAQ page should contain answers to the questions because it can drive conversions at an easy reading level. (One paragraph 9th-grade reading level is best).
    • Always update your content and keep it fresh
    • Answer any existing questions on your Google My Business Questions and Answers section.
    • Write compelling questions about your products and services that will drive conversion.Lastly, find out the natural keyword phrases that your audience that most likely to ask.
  4. Test itTesting is the only way to find out how effective your new strategy.  Below are the ways to test the voice search.
    • Test different devices like Smart Speaker, Mobile or Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri
    • Jot down the results that have been generated: Where and who are answers came from?
    • Find out how many listings does each device/assistant offer you
    • Take note of the rankings of each keyword phrases; Answer the following questions: Where are you ranking for your most common questions? Where are your competitors ranking?VEO is a new strategy. You might need help from experts in online marketing. If you need a team or an expert for this new strategy, visit Sortlist to find out the available agencies.

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