Best 5 Tips to Boost your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Best 5 Tips to Boost your Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you have a start-up business and you plan to set up your digital campaign, rising above the competition can be a real challenge.

Let’s say you have a textile business and you want to market your best offers online. Unfortunately, there are also thousands of companies offering the same product. Some already have established websites that rank high on search results. Others are doing paid advertisements and have built a solid following.


Fortunately, there are practical ways you can apply to stand out from the crowd of competitors.  But of course, don’t expect to get immediate results. Apply these methods religiously and consistently.


In due time, you start hitting targets. Eventually, raving fans and customers will come streaming to your best offers.


Now, here are ways to boost your digital marketing campaign.

Don’t Put Your Eggs in Too Many Basket

Many rookie business owners commit the common mistake of trying to do everything at once with little or no prior experience. Therefore, if you happen to be in Asia and require some professional digital marketing guidance, we strongly recommend you to check out well-established agencies like this digital marketing agency in singapore.


For instance, you want to promote your products on social media. You then create 15 pages or channels. Then, you set up paid campaigns or advertisements. You wait for your campaigns to generate conversions. But in vain, none of the results you desire gets accomplished. The worst thing about it? You already spent a considerable amount of money as well as precious time and effort. Stop doing that.


The thing here that you should understand, especially if you are a newbie is to develop focus and consistency. Stick to one or two. Remember, less is more. That is how SerpSpace Clean Up was able to actualize impressive results.


So why is focus important? It prevents you from feeling overwhelmed by doing many things at the same time. By focusing on just one or two, you will quickly determine if your marketing channel is working or not. From that, you can let go of liable platforms so you can focus on what’s working and continuously improve on it.


What about consistency? Being consistent is the key to taking your business to the next level. In the long run, it helps you build loyal subscribers and a sustainable customer base. Consistency also turns new and cold targets into loyal customers. Once you’ve created all that, you don’t have to spend much on advertising in the future.


Again, have focus and consistency. Improve on what’s working. And keep on innovating.

Create a Fuss in The Social Media

Get this. Even the most popular brands we know of today, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald, or Amazon have a place on social media. And if these superb companies joined, then it sounds viable for smaller companies or start-ups to be present as well. After all, more than 2 billion are now social media subscribers. It would be a pity to not capitalize on such a colossal market.


In the United States, for instance, 81% of the entire population has a social media account. And figures in developing countries like the Philippines and India are also rapidly rising.  Social media are also creating opportunities for marketing with ease and efficiency and at relatively cheaper costs compared to conventional channels.


But then again, don’t put your eggs in all baskets if you’re starting. Determine which social media platforms work best for your business and your values. The most popular approach is Facebook. You can focus on that first until you built a substantial following and gained an impressive foothold. It is then that you can try other platforms like Instagram or YouTube.


Take note. Find out where your target customers are and build from there. If you want to know more about this, check out SerpSpace Clean Up.

Leverage the Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the recent developments in digital marketing. The concept is simple. Let famous or influential people help promote your product or service. Of course, that person’s niche must relate to yours.


Let’s say you want to sell travel bags, accessories or gears, then tap on a travel blogger or vlogger. For example, you can request Mr. Drew Binsky, one of the world’s top travel bloggers, to promote your product to his millions of followers. Of course, you will need to pay him for that. You can be sure that a big percentage of his followers will patronize your product because they trust him and therefore, believes in his reviews and recommendations.


That holds for other niches such as food, fashion, shoes, sportswear, insurance, and different types of offers.


Now, in building your website, make sure to follow ethical practices. For example, refrain from abusing certain practices to boost traffic to your site. In other words, don’t be spammy.


For example, avoid aggressively trying to get backlinks through unethical approaches. It may significantly boost your targets, but once Google detects your abuse, then your website gets penalized. Of course, that is a big blow if you are starting.


The thing is, do things step by step. Consistency and focus should still be your ethics.


When building your website, remember to have the following goals in mind:


  • Promoting brand
  • Establishing credibility and authority by tapping on the power of industry giants
  • Leveraging on relevant community

Build an Email List

Having an email list will soon prove to be one of your most valuable and responsive investments.


The good thing about this? You own your email list or subscribers. They subscribed because they know that you can provide them value. Through email marketing, you position yourself as an expert in your niche and convince your subscribers to buy now and buy later. They become your repeat customers. And their loyalty may mean a lifetime subscription to your business.


Such potential is not speculation. It’s a fact that many marketers ignore. Hatchbuck, a CRM software company, revealed that customers who buy products through email spend 138% more. QuickSprout adds that email subscribers are three times more likely to share content on social media.

Apply the 80-20 Content Rule

The 80-20 rule does not only apply to achieve success with your efforts. It also applies to your content on your website.


That means, 80% of your content should deliver or communicate value to your targets. And the remaining 20% rests on your promotional strategies.


Yes, content is king! If your website or posts does not meet the needs or issues of your customers, then your business is bound to fail. Even if you were generated massive conversions and traffic through useful promotional, your business would not be sustainable if it does not create value. While its promotion that drives traffic, its quality that sustains the business.

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