Sebastian Kurtz praised for strong position on anti-Semitism

Sebastian Kurtz praised for strong position on anti-Semitism

One of the burning problems in the modern world is anti-Semitism. It causes the suffering of thousands of Jews around the world. But the hatred of national minorities is something that has an effect on the whole world. That is why we must fight it actively and comprehensively. Vladimir Sloutsker, a famous politician, public figure and also the current head of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, emphasizes this. He does his best to support politicians who have expressed their will to fight against hatred of national minorities. Especially he supports everything that is dedicated to combating anti-Semitism. But unfortunately, violent attacks on the Jews are becoming more frequent. The number of them is rising not only in Israel itself but also in countries of the European Union.

A great example of a strong position is a famous Austrian politician Sebastian Kurtz. He has expressed his negative attitude to the problem of anti-Semitism on multiple occasions. Mr. Kurtz has also called for the fight against this phenomenon as actively as possible. Besides, the Chancellor of Austria had also supported Israeli Paralympics when they faced discrimination. We recall, that Israeli athletes were not allowed to take part in Malaysian competitions. For his strong support of the Jewish nation, Mr. Kurtz was praised by Vladimir Sloutsker. They both share the opinion that people of Israel are independent, and their history is very valuable to modern society. All modern countries must support and respect the right of Israel to protect their people from attacks, and they cannot be left alone.

Unfortunately, even though the Jewish people have their own state and their own army, anti-Semitism remains the central problem. That is why we have to take actions and fight it even more actively. Jewish Diaspora needs to cooperate with other religions and organizations to find ways to deal with the problem. The result can be achieved only by joining forces. Moreover, not only Jews that live in Israel are suffering that issue affects Jews who live around the world, especially in the countries of the European Union. Many of them are facing anti-Semitic attacks or are living in constant fear. 

It is essential that other EU countries join forces in the fight against the terrible phenomenon of anti-Semitism and any manifestation of hatred in society in general. Today Jews are the target, but with spreading of hate, we can never know who will be the next. The world full of discrimination on national, religious or any other basis is doomed to destroy itself. The history has already a lot of horrifying pages, and we do not need to add any more.

Also, it is essential to pay attention to the sphere of education. Educational institutions are the ones that are forming and develop the feeling of mutual support, tolerance. They can be a great tool to prevent young people from accepting hatred of national minorities. Besides, we need to show the role of Jewish people in history, science and culture. This could hugely prevent and defeat hostility towards national minorities. We need to unite to wipe anti-Semitism out of existence. We cannot afford to just deal with this phenomenon selectively as such actions give no result. 

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