Modern Ways to use Stamp Duty Calculator When Buying a House

Modern Ways to use Stamp Duty Calculator When Buying a House

Everything is becoming more and more technology oriented with the passage of time. There is no doubt that this trend proves to be advantageous for the users. Few years ago, technology had not advanced so much and users had to opt for manual methods to perform calculations. However, these days, you have quality technological tools to perform different kinds of calculations. With , now you can check out the exact duty amount that you have to pay when buying a house. For instance, if you are about to buy a home in UK and the stamp duty has to be calculated, there is no need to sit down with a pen, paper and add things manually. An online stamp duty calculator is a better and more efficient task.

Calculations of stamp duty for second home in UK

In accordance with the regulations of purchasing a home in UK, the stamp duty depends on numerous components. The price of the property is one of them. For instance, if you are buying your first apartment with a price of £800000, the duty will be applied at the rate of 5%. Similarly, if you are buying the second home at a price of £140,000, the duty will be applied at the rate of 3%. It is good to have a basic idea about these rates but you don’t need to sit down with the calculation tasks. People opt for technological tools as they help in saving time. If you opt for a stamp duty calculator, immense time would be saved.

Gauging the tool usage tasks

Do you need to be tech savvy to use this tool? The answer to this question is no. A lot of people have the opinion that you need to have a lot of technical information to use a technological tool. This point is valid for some tools but not factual for all of them. This calculator is very simple and all users can use it without getting assistance.

  1. Entering the property value


You need to start by entering the value of the property. When you click the link of the tool, you would see the property value text box on the screen. This value has to be entered correctly because the stamp duty sum would be calculated on the basis of it. Entering the property value incorrectly would place you in another slab. A good thing is that you should double check the value after you have entered it. Make sure that there are no errors with it.


  1. Selecting the Country


Stamp Duty percentages are not the same in all countries do and you have to select your country properly. If you are buying a home in UK, select it from the drop down menu. When the country has been selected, the outputs would be produced on your right.

  1. Understanding the outputs


As soon as you have entered the input values, the results would be produced on the right. Through the results, you would know the slab you fall in, the percentage at which the duty has been applied and the amount that has to be paid. In an overall manner, you get all the information needed.



Stamp Duty calculators eliminate mistakes

Making mistakes with the stamp duty value calculation can prove to be a shocking experience. Consider that you have performed the calculations manually and the results produced highlight a stamp duty of £1500. On the other hand, the correct value is £1850. You would know about this mistake when the deduction would be done. The additional payable sum would be an unexpected experience. This is because in accordance with your calculations, the duty sum was lesser by 350 pounds.

  • This mistake was committed because you were not using a quality calculator to get done with the calculations. If you are using manual ways to perform calculations, there would always be a chance of making errors. Thus, using a quality calculator is mandatory.


  • Performing calculations is a stressful job after all. You need to be cautious about each step and use a lot of precious time. There is no point in using so much time because a stamp duty calculator would perform the job in a better manner. In addition to that, as a user, there would be no doubts about errors. The use of a quality tool means that no mistakes would be made. Smart users opt for these technological tools as they do not have to recheck anything.



A stamp duty calculator is completely free and this is an amazing benefit for the users. If you search on the internet, you would see that most quality tools are not free. To use them completely without any limitations on features, you have to opt for a paid version. These issues are not encountered if a quality stamp duty calculator is used.

This tool is very simple to use and no detailed tutorials are needed. You have to insert few values and all other calculations would be completed by the tool. From the perspective of the user, this is a very convenient option to calculate stamp duty. It is much easier than sitting down with each value and determining the percentages manually. Once the tool has produced the stamp duty values, you can afford to relax. Using a quality tool means that no rechecking is needed by the user. You can use all that time for a better and more productive purpose.

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