How can you help your child cope up with the pressure of SAT Test?

How can you help your child cope up with the pressure of SAT Test?

Most of the times parents and families try their best to make their child at ease during the preparation of the test. But you know unknowingly these are the family members and friends that end up putting burden and stress on the shoulders of the candidate.

But you don’t worry if you want to make sure that your child prepares in the best way then you are at the right place. It is good that your child is going to Sat coaching in chennai for the preparation. But you have to make sure that you maintain an environment in the house that is study oriented and at ease.  There are a few things that you should keep in mind and these are:

Don’t Set Up a Curfew

Many parents create a curfew like environment in the house when there is an important test impending for the child. This is something that you should not do at all. Such a thing would make the candidate intimidated and suffocated.  You have to make sure that the environment of the house is as simple as it has always been.

You know what since your child has taken a decision to appear in this test, he exactly knows what he has to do and what not. He would definitely study well and OD the practice. You need not to curtail him from doing anything. Let him study freely and don’t pressurise him by setting boundaries during preparation time.

Don’t ask them every now and then

If you are in a habit of asking how much your child has studied so far and so on; there is no need to do it. When you ask a person how much they have done, you rather end up pressuring them. There is no need to encounter him or her with study related questions all the time. Such a thing would add up tension on their mind.

It would be good if you talk to your child about every other thing and not studies. Of course, there can be a passing reference but overall make it a point to talk about general things. You can talk about food and tell him about your day today things and so on. In this way the child would feel at ease. If you keep on talking about test and studies; it becomes irritating.

Take care of food and beverages

If you really want to contribute then simply make sure that your child drinks proper beverages and take proper food. If he or she is missing out on proper meals; they would feel weak and hence weakness would hamper the productivity of the mind and senses. Once the child is sufficiently filled and taking water and beverages time to time as they take in routine; they feel filled and energetic to study with full concentration.


Thus, once you enrol your child in sat coaching in chennai and take care of these things; you certainly help him or her in preparing in the most at eased manner.

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