7 Tips for Starting a Bike The Top Hints

7 Tips for Starting a Bike The Top Hints

Nowadays motorcycles grow in popularity and it is more common that we find them not as work tools, but as a means of transport. If you are thinking of buying a motorcycle to work, transport or just have fun on weekends, take into account the following recommendations:

  1. Take a courseBefore buying a motorcycle you should be aware of all that involves driving it as a critical part of deciding if transporting on two wheels is for you. There are many motorcycle courses, but look for one that is taught by people with more experience. There are courses for all budgets and they will teach you the basics like control, braking, mechanisms and even how to fall.
  2. Do not skimp on safety equipmentSafety is paramount, so keep in mind that you will spend a lot of money on equipment in addition to the motorcycle itself. This equipment can save your life; part of it that you will need is:

    – Helmet
    – Jacket: The more resistant the material and the better protections, the better:
    – Shoulder pads
    – Elbow pads
    – Lumbar protection
    – Gloves: They will help in falls and small blows
    – Boots. That have the adequate protections for the type of management that you will carry out
    – Pants. Although they are not so necessary and thick jeans can serve you.50% of falls occur in the first 6 months of riding a motorcycle.

  3. Acquire a motorcycle according to your experienceNot all bikes are the same and some of us want to start with a big bike. This is not always ideal, as we can suffer a serious accident due to not controlling the motorcycle and its power. Let’s face it and start with a small one, which also does not hurt our elbow so much if we hit it or scratch it. Once we have enough kilometers on that bike, we can grow it little by little to a bigger and more powerful one.
  4. Know the traffic regulationsThe traffic regulations are different for motorcycles compared to cars; keep this in mind and check it before you start riding a motorcycle. There are some cases that can help you and make the bike very convenient, like being able to overtake cars in total height between the lanes.

    5. Give constant maintenance

    The maintenance of a motorcycle is not the same as that of a car. This one must be more meticulous, since there are only two wheels that keep us up, so any failure could end with us “kissing the pavement”.

    Using proper brake fluid is the first step to having a safe motorcycle. Maintaining the brakes with the proper level of brake fluid will allow us to brake properly, which will prevent accidents. Remember to lubricate the chain of the bike constantly, there is a wide range of different fats that can serve you. Performing the oil change regularly will help the engine to be in the best condition.


  1. Secure your motorcycleIt is very important that we all have the culture of auto insurance, so it will also be very useful, to avoid problems, have your motorcycle insured. There are millions of insurance plans for all types of motorcycles, in addition to all kinds of budget. Remember that an accident can go very expensive.
  2. Have funMotorcycles are vehicles, which when handled properly, are very fun. So take your course, choose the ideal motorcycle for you, acquire your safety equipment, know the traffic regulations and go out and have fun.

    If you want more advice about all types of vehicles, you can learn more.


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