How Animated Videos Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

How Animated Videos Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re using the internet on a daily basis, you probably already know how brands are competing for attention. You see advertisements in images, write-ups, emails, texts, and even videos. People used to debate how videos would be the future of marketing. Well, it seems the future arrived before anyone expected. Over 60% of businesses in the U.S. use videos in their content marketing strategies. More than 80% of these businesses have found this to be an effective marketing tool.

The Benefits of Using Animated Videos for Marketing

At this point, you may be asking yourself if video marketing is worth it. The short answer is, yes, it is. What you’re feeling is understandable. After all, video content is a new addition to your content marketing toolbox. You’re not familiar with it. You don’t know what ROI you can get from Freeform on DirecTV. But again, video marketing is worth it. Not just because almost everyone is doing it, but also because of the possibilities it offers. These benefits may help you understand just how profitable and versatile videos are as a marketing tool:

  1. Videos reach mobile users
  2. Videos boost sales
  3. Videos establish trust
  4. Videos generally have a good ROI
  5. Videos can be a ranking factor

Read on for more detailed information on these benefits to video content marketing.

Videos Reach Mobile Users

Mobiles phones and videos have a very interesting relationship. A significant percentage of consumers admit to watching videos on their smartphones. Mobile video views grow many times each year. The number of smartphone users is increasing every year. This means a lot of your video marketing should target mobile users. Smartphone users watch videos on-the-go using Sprint data plans or at home through TNT on att uverse. The point is, people, stay connected the most to their phones. And that audience gets bigger each year. Through video marketing, especially animated videos, you can tap into this sizeable market.

Videos Boost Sales

The most important benefit of using videos in your marketing strategy is the boost it gives to conversions and sales. A product video on your webpage can boost conversions by as much as 80%! Videos can also boost sales directly. Over 70% of viewers who watch an explanatory product video are more likely to buy the product. This alone is enough to direct anyone’s focus onto the usefulness of video content marketing. Videos boosting sales is no surprise if you think about it. Sight is the most dominant of our five senses. Visuals like images have a more lasting impact than words. Videos are essentially moving images that amplify the impact even more.

Videos Establish Trust

You can’t convert a customer, or make a sale, without first establishing some measure of trust. However, sales and conversions shouldn’t be the sole reason for you to work on trust building. Building a relationship with your prospects is a reason in its own right. Trust is what brings customers back to you and creates a long-term relationship. When you offer people interesting information that is useful, you start building trust. This attracts them to you and results in sales without you making selling efforts. Videos come in as a handy medium at this stage. They can engage customers, create an emotional connection and influence people. There is a reason why more than 50% of consumers feel more confident to purchase a product online after watching a product video.

Videos Generally Have a Good ROI

Producing a video is not an easy nor cheap task. But it still pays off much better than any comparable spending. Over 80% of businesses who use animated videos in marketing claim they offer a good ROI. As better applications emerge, video editing software gets more affordable and accessible. As a matter of fact, you could even make a decent video using your smartphone. Perfection is not what’s important here. The content in the video is. As long as you explain your product or service clearly, you’re bound to see better results with videos.

Videos Can Be a Ranking Factor

Google owns YouTube, in case you didn’t already know. Your Google rankings improve substantially if you use videos on your landing pages. Videos serve as a good way to keep visitors on a page for longer. As customers spend more time on your pages, they signal to search engines that they trust your content. This means Google will consider your content good and will improve your rankings. In fact, your chances of getting to the top of the SERP improve 53 times with an embedded video on your page.

As a business owner or executive, you can by now appreciate the benefits of using animated videos. Not only do they boost sales, but they also have a number of other benefits like improved rankings and better trust. A video could be smaller in duration than an average what channel is PPV on spectrum. But it could still very well get a better return for you than a lot of other marketing tactics. Just be sure to write catchy titles and optimize your videos from an SEO perspective. Look into YouTube optimization as an additional task for getting more engagement. For now, videos are a better winning strategy than most things you could come up with.

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