Different Types of Sarees from Different States of India!

Have you ever come across the magic draped in 6 yards?

Well, India is a land of culture and rich traditions. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India never fails to offer a vast variety. The Indian handloom fabrics are not only popular all around the world but also have discovered much love. Be it Kanjivaram sarees or Banarasi sarees, the richness of these Indian designer sarees are never-ending!

Here are sarees from different states of India which can bring style and elegance in your wardrobe:

Chanderi Sarees – Enrich Asset of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh

The whole India seems like a big fanatic of these traditional chnaderi sarees. Women love to adorn these carefully designed and crafted sarees on auspicious occasions. The wide array of vibrant colours, unbelievable embroideries and rich textures inspired by nature are the things which make these Indian chanderi sarees a big hit. It is a quintessence of ethereal beauty which can raise the grace of the woman wearing it. They are sometimes even infused with cotton those are called chanderi cotton sarees.

Kanjivaram Sarees – Allure of Tamil Nadu

Known as one of the shiniest and expensive silk, the Kanjivaram sarees deserves a round of applaud for being in the trend since forever.  The traditional Kanjivaram sarees are considered as the lavish item because of their elaborate zari work, shiny texture, rich gleam, durability and regal look. Pure Kanjivaram sarees are a major part of south-Indian weddings and make their spectacular mark in each event. The magic of magnificent Indian sarees is unbeatable and undying!

Cotton Sarees – Classic Pick of Kolkata

Indian culture is popular for their classic picks and richness, even the main land of Kolkata considered as the best place to look for crisp and ravishing cotton sarees which also called the sarees.  These Indian sarees are one of the most alluring cotton sarees. The lightweight fabric and extra-ordinary prints make these sarees a classic pick for each woman. Women adore these sarees and wear them during festivals and other major occasions.

Patola Sarees – Magnificent Vibrancy of Gujarat

Gujarat is not only famous for Dhokla but also for its vibrancy. These Indian Patola sarees have found their name and colourful vibrancy from a small place called Patan in Gujarat.  These Indian sarees are known for flaunting the bold and vibrant colours along with the strong patterns and designs. Vibrant sarees are a perfect combination of vivid colours and intricate detailing.

Be it cotton sarees or designer Indian sarees, they are a part of Indian styling which never fails to amuse women at any point!

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