Go Online for A Benchmade Pocket Knife from White Mountain Knives

Go Online for A Benchmade Pocket Knife from White Mountain Knives

The selection of Benchmade pocket knives is tremendous and so are the prices for one of the finest engineered blades available. The Benchmade Pocket Knife has a long history of making knives going back to the 1980’s and they are proud to design, engineer, and manufacture their knives for those who appreciate and utilize Benchmade products.

The Benchmade Pocket Knife is Made With Perfection in Mind

From the beginning, the Benchmade company had already established its criteria for designing and building the best knives on the market. From humble beginnings in a home garage in California to the 144,000 square foot factory they occupy today in Oregon City, Oregon, the company has always had the same focus: to make the best pocket knives and other knives available. The company is quite proud of its manufacturing process using machines in the production process but also having human hands on the products as they go through manufacturing. By having the human element involved in the production process, Benchmade retains its original manufacturing methods and philosophy, which the company feels sets it apart from other manufacturers.

Half Man, Half Machine

While Benchmade uses standard cutting, grinding, and other machine processes in its production cycle, one thing remains the same and has from the very beginning. Each knife is checked for quality and precision by human hands during each step in the manufacturing process thus producing not only a finely engineered product, but also a product that employs the most rigid specification requirements. With tolerances of .0009 of an inch (less than the width of a human hair) the company produces some of the finest edged products available from anyone. This “half and half” approach results in the some of the most dramatic design styles and functions in knife products on the market today. This approach means a human being has checked and handled the knife to make sure it is perfect before a customer even touches the knife.

Choose from Dozens and Dozens of Designs and Styles

The Benchmade knife company produces knives in every shape, form and function. There are knives designed for hunters, for law enforcement, first responders, and for everyday knife lovers who want a quality instrument that will last a long time. There are folding knives, straight knives, and other knife products, which round out the full inventory or product offerings. One of the best places to find a whole universe of Benchmade knives is at WhiteMountainKnives.com.

Custom Knives for Serious Aficionados

With all the variety of knife styles and blades, there are still a few people who want a Benchmade pocket knife made to their own design and specification. This is easily done using the Benchmade Custom Knife designer located on the Benchmade website. No matter what type of knife or what type of use the knife will receive, Benchmade can produce exactly what any customer wants or needs. White Mountain Knives is happy to help customers find and purchase exactly the knife they want whether it is standard production or custom made.

Great Customer Service Has Always Been The Key

When the owners of White Mountain Knives first started out, they kept their eyes and ears open to customer comments and reviews. White Mountain Knives still listens to customers because they know the secret to their success has always been excellent customer support. Customers who may have questions or who may need additional information before purchasing can send in an inquiry form located on the White Mountain Knives website or they can send an email to whitemountainknives@gmail.com. Customers can also call for customer support by dialing 603-866-4752 and speaking with a representative.

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