Every man has doubt that in a taking of alcohol can affect the fertility of men. How much of quantity of alcohol is dangerous to men’s health and damage fertility.  As many doctors also advise men that at the time of fertility they should quit the alcohol as it is a danger to both men and women.

Most important question is that how much of quantity affect the men. According to studies on infertility treatment in India, it has shown that drinking of alcohol more than four ounces in a day is bad for the reproductive system of men which can decrease the fertility level of them.

As for example if you drink one bottle of beer or glass of wine contains half of the ounces of alcohol. It also depends on which kind of drink you are intake. Such as you drink 8 bottles of bear it means you are consuming 4 ounces of alcohol which will harm the fertility of men.

Here are some effects which are caused by the drinking of alcohol.

  • If you consume the excess level of alcohol which increases the estrogen level of men. Which effect in the development of hormones and sperms of men because alcohol is a toxin which kills the cells of generating sperms, worst is that it can also cause testicles, gynecomastia and lack interest in sex.
  • Drinking alcohol in an extreme manner which can cause disorder in the gonads which result in the changing of the structure of testicles and decrease the level of T serum. In decreasing level of T serum also decreases the fertility level of men.
  • Consumption of excessive level of alcohol regular the oval head and straight tale of the healthy sperm which change the shape of the sperm as it imperils the viability of the spermatozoa along all this it also damages the morphology of sperm which has irreversible effects to men.
  • Consuming alcohol in excessive reduce sperm count and density. Typically in a men body, it counts up to 120 million but intake of excessive alcohol can drastically reduce the count and it also cause in abnormalities in shape, size, and tail of the sperm. And it also affects sperm mobility very badly. Sperm donation in Delhi is a very popular concept.
  • Heavy drinking can cause impotence and also reduce the quality of sperm in men.
  • Drinking alcohol in an unlimited manner reduces the production of testosterone and it also shrinks the testicles it is a place where testosterone is produced.


If a man is drinking on regular basis then it will affect the fertility of men in a reversed manner when a man stops drinking. When a man quit drinking there will be an improvement in your sperm quality and counts in just three months as the sperm also need three months for development. A man who will drink alcohol in large quantity it will adversely affect the fertility of men. You know anything unlimited is bad for health.

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