The Positive Implications of Proctoring services

The Positive Implications of Proctoring services

Times have changed and so has the ways of learning. Gone are the days when it was a mandate for students to pursue full-time courses, go to the college campus for attending classes and take assessments inside a classroom in the presence of invigilator.

These days, People look for other paths to attaining an education. Some have a permanent job but still wish to study further, a few are burdened by their family responsibilities and cannot take out the time to visit a university each day, while, there are others who reside in rural regions & don’t wish to travel long distances to gain an education. And, in cases like these, eLearning and pursuing online courses play a big role.

An enormous number of people prefer studying away from the college campus and taking up online courses. Consequently, a plethora of universities, many higher education institutions along with distance learning establishments are searching for a secure, reliable as well as effectual way in order to help their students take supervised tests, examinations along with other types of assessments at a convenient time and location.

And, conducting proctored exams is one method that is suitable to all educational institutions that aspire to provide their students with an opportunity to take assessments away from the campus and at the same time, maintain the integrity of the exam.

The Pros of Proctoring services

Online proctoring has been around for quite some time now, however, it gained even more importance in the past couple of years due to an increase in the number of courses that are available online. For those who do not know, an online proctored exam is taken with the help of a webcam and microphone through which a designated proctor keeps an eye on the activities of the candidate who is allowed to take the assessment at any location of his/her comfort.

Exam proctoring services are prevalent in most of the reputed establishments offering courses online. It has proven to be highly effective lately due to the fact that it not only helps students take exams at a place and time of their convenience but also assists the examining bodies to ensure that no type of fraudulent activity takes place during the assessments and everything happens fair and square.

The ways to Infuse reliability in Proctoring services

The reason why people have faith in the whole proctoring system is that it embraces a tight set of rules. Trained and experience invigilators make sure that the exam rules are followed religiously along with maintaining the academic integrity as well as ethical standards.  The identity of candidates is checked rigorously.  Moreover, what makes safe and secure is that the invigilators ensure the well-being of the students together with the security of examination papers.

The types of Proctoring Services

  1. Live Online Proctoring

In this kind of proctoring, a genuine, qualified proctor is supposed to monitor the candidate with assistance from audio-video as well as screen share feeds that are received in real time.

  1. Recorded Proctoring

In this process, the audio-video alongside the screen share feeds are recorded at the time of the test and are referred to by the proctor on a later date.

  1. Advanced Automated Proctoring

This is the most progressive category of proctoring. Here also, the audio-video together with the screen share feeds are recorded at the time of the exam and the system also keeps a check to curb any suspicious activity.

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