Is Print Media Still a Viable Marketing Choice?

Is Print Media Still a Viable Marketing Choice?

The rise ofmobile devices is, without question, the biggest challenge print media has ever faced. As portable devices have caused more people to read newspapers and magazines online, you might wonder if physical materials are an effective advertising option for a brand.

Digital marketing might be quicker and cheaper, but is it the best way to attract an audience and increase sales? Due to the emergence of the internet and smartphones, is print media still a viable marketing choice? Keep reading to find out.

A More Engaging Experience

Digital marketing might allow you to reach many people in an instant, but the advertising might be less engaging than print. According to a 2017 study by the Fox School of Business, mixed-media marketing has a greater chance of success when combined with a print medium. It found that participants were more likely to remember a print ad and its content compared to digital ads. Bear this in mind when developing a marketing strategy.

Also, digital marketing requires more cognitive effort due to the screens’ intensity and the scrolling effort, making it harder to read and absorb information. The study found that people’s brainsprefer print materials and are more likely to engage with inserts, door drops, and direct and partially addressed mail.

A Target-Specific Medium

Print media allows companies to target people in specific environments or destinations. For example, door drops and direct mail can engage consumers who are less likely to use the internet, such as senior citizens.

Plus, door drops are ideal for promoting local products, services, events, or experiences in a specific neighborhood, increasing the likelihood of engagement and sales.Also, brochures, flyers, and press advertising can engage consumers when waiting in a doctor’s waiting room, an office reception, or a retail store.

A Diverse Reach

A digital marketing campaign will likely attract a specific audience, which can limit your customer database and reduce a company’s annual revenue. However, print media advertising will reach a more diverse audience, as many demographics will pick up an insert, brochure, door drop, or partially addressed mail. You will increase the likelihood of all demographics reading an ad before picking up the phone or visiting your website to buy from your business.

A Trustworthy Marketing Tactic

Internet users have become vigilant to online scams and fraudulent activity, such as fake free trials, counterfeit items, and credit and debit card fraud. As a result, consumers are less likely to place their trust in a website, social media promotion, display advertising, or native ads.

As books, newspapers, and magazines can trigger a sense of nostalgia, and require timeand effort, demographics of all ages are more likely to trust print materials. Also, they are less likely to question door drops, direct mail, and other materials delivered by a dependable postman or woman. Therefore, print advertising can give a brand automatic trust and credibility, making recipients more likely to buy products or services from a business when needed.

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