How The Insta 360 Backpack Mount Works

How The Insta 360 Backpack Mount Works

Are you looking for an easy way to capture 360-degree images and videos? The Insta360 backpack mount is an innovative way to capture spherical media without having to carry a bulky camera and tripod around with you. The insta360 backpack mount is the best backpack mount for 360 camera that has a 360 camera attachment that attaches to the back of a backpack. It is designed to allow you to shoot 360 degrees photos and videos without having to remove your camera from the backpack. It is a lightweight and durable mount designed to fit on your backpack. It allows you to secure your Insta360 camera to the back of your bag, giving you the freedom to shoot hands-free. The mount also features adjustable angles and tilt, so you can capture the perfect shot.

How The Insta 360 Backpack Mount Works

To use the mount, simply secure it to the back of your insta 360 backpack using the available straps. Make sure the straps are tight and secure to ensure the mount won’t move around while you’re walking. Then, attach your Insta360 camera to the mount, adjust the angles and tilt to your desired setting.

Once the mount is set up, you can start capturing amazing 360-degree images and videos. With the mount, you can take your camera anywhere without having to worry about carrying a bulky tripod or camera around.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Insta360 Backpack Mount?

1. The insta360 backpack mount allows you to shoot 360 photos and videos without having to remove your camera from the backpack or carry your camera around with you.

2. It has a 360 camera mount that is designed to attach to a variety of different backpacks. This means that it is not limited to only one type of backpack. This makes it easier to find a backpack that will work with the insta360 backpack mount.

Features Of The Insta360 Backpack Mount 

The Insta 360 one r backpack mount is a great way to get a 360 degree view of your surroundings while you are on the go. Here are some of the features of the backpack mount:

1. This mount can be attached to your backpack or luggage, and still gives you a great perspective of everything around you. 

2. has a Bluetooth remote control so you can shoot pictures and films while still holding the steering wheel.

3. The device is lightweight and can be moved around easily

4. The insta 360 backpack mount has an adjustable strap that can fit a wide range of backpacks

5. One remarkable feature is that you can shoot in the third person POV and it captures your video like you are operating a drone

6. It has a ball head designs that allows easy stabilization of the camera to create smooth shots

7. The insta360 backpack mount is also designed to attach to a variety of different backpacks. This means that it is not limited to only one type of backpack.


If you’re looking for a 360 camera attachment that will let you take more images and movies without having to lug your camera about with you, the insta360 backpack mount is generally an excellent backpack mount that is worth taking into consideration.

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