How to Perform Dynamics 365 Testing?

How to Perform Dynamics 365 Testing?

Unlike the first enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with their basic functionality, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not only complex but is also under constant development regularly supplying its users with new features. While this expands its capacities, it also creates risks for disruptions if not tested properly.

What Is Exactly Microsoft Dynamics 365 Testing?

The concept of testing in the context of a customer who pays for an off-the-shelf solution is not obvious, since you are not a developer of Microsoft Dynamics 365 who has to test it to make it work properly. What does testing mean in your case then?

As has already been mentioned, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is continuously modified. At the same time, the system your company is using differs from the original ERP product because of all of the configurations and integrations you have added to it to adjust it to your business. As a result, even though Microsoft experts are doing their best to optimize their system with each change, it can still work unpredictably in your business environment.

Thus, your company should execute regression testing to ensure any update of Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not affect the system’s performance negatively. Ideally, testing should be carried out regularly and especially after any changes made by you or Microsoft.

What Should Be Tested in Your ERP System?

The most crucial field that has to be tested is data handling since the data is feeding all of the workflows within Microsoft Dynamics 365 including the information coming from other systems and the manual entrances. The most essential point to focus on is missing, incorrect, and duplicate data as well as data entry forms, reporting, and search functions.

Next, come usability and performance testing. While usability testing concentrates on the experience of users working with your system, which can affect the accuracy of data entries, performance testing checks the peak conditions for work with Microsoft Dynamics 365, response time, operating capacity, and loading speed.

Another important layer for testing is the system’s functionality ensuring the data interactions within workflows are performed in the desired way in all of the company’s departments.

Integration is one more component for the efficiency of your ERP system as it provides data accessibility and connectivity. The focus of integration testing is to identify any bottlenecks affecting the smooth flow of data between the front-end and back-end sides and covers customer interactions as well such as social media, customer service, the company’s website, email, and mobile applications.

Do not forget about security testing to see the current limitations for data accessibility, user permissions, and any possible vulnerabilities.

Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Testing Plan

Now, that you know the specific goals and areas of testing, you can plan the procedure.

First of all, it is recommended to discuss the testing routine with the representatives of each of your company’s departments to understand the core points requiring testing. This will help you to optimize your testing routine by choosing the right scope and order. Also, consider the fact different users will have unique experiences working with Microsoft Dynamics 365, which you will need to simulate with your test scenarios. Note, that this might be a difficult task to achieve with manual testing.

You will also need to delegate responsibilities, which will depend on the tool you are going to use for testing. Undeniably, you will need an entire testing team of experienced technicians for manual testing. At the same time, for testing with no-code tools, you will be able to assign this job to your employees even without a technical background.

Another aspect you will need to consider is the schedule for regression testing. The more automated your testing tool will be, the more frequently you will be able to test your software without generating additional expenses or causing downtime.

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