How BBare’s Buzzy Organic Perfume Pods Create New Standards for Scent

How BBare’s Buzzy Organic Perfume Pods Create New Standards for Scent

While perfumes and fragrances have long dominated the modern beauty conversation, most casual scent consumers are unaware that perfume’s ancient foundations stem back to civilizations from more than 4,000 years past. Once used as an integral tool at religious ceremonies and the time’s most significant events, our ancient ancestors were keenly aware of just how impactful the senses – especially smell – can be on day to day life.

Fast forward several millennia to the 21st century and fragrance is more ubiquitous than ever; as of 2020, the international perfume industry is reportedly worth a massive $29.8 billion. That being said, the chemistry of contemporary fragrances is a far cry from their bygone ancestors, filled with chemicals and additives that can be toxic in certain quantities or negatively impact the integrity of the skin.

Enter BBare, one of the world’s most exciting global beauty brands that’s now rewriting the narrative of modern fragrance with its brand new perfume pods. Staying aligned with the brand’s signature cruelty-free and vegan ethos, BBare’s perfume pods are completely vegan and mostly organic to provide its scent-loving customers with peace of mind about what they’re putting on their skin.

While BBare has always played a pivotal role in introducing niche self-care products to the beauty market, the company’s freshly released perfume pods take its commitment to excellence to the next level. The compact, mirrored design makes it easy to use on the go and avoid the pesky purse leaks caused by travel-sized liquid formulas, and BBare’s proprietary formula keeps its sumptuous scents sticking for up to three times longer than traditional perfume sprays.  Users need only carefully dab the tips of their fingers in the formula, apply to pressure points and revel in the long lasting beauty of BBare fragrance.

From scents inspired by Tom Ford to Le Labo, BBare’s extensive selection of tantalizing perfume pods puts the power of choice back into consumers hands. The pods can then be taken to the next level by pairing them with BBare’s signature body balms, all of which are offered in the same variety of lush scents as the perfume pods.

BBare perfume pods have certainly already taken social media by storm – especially following a successful marketing campaign with buzzy Instagram influencer Tara Maynard, which pushed the pods’ inaugural launch to sell out in less than 72 hours.

Though the fundamentals of wearing scent have undeniably changed throughout the centuries, BBare’s innovative perfume pods are shifting the goalposts once more and setting new standards of safety, simplicity and ease of use in the multi-billion-dollar fragrance industry.
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