Realtor Enzo Rosani Sees the Playing Field

Realtor Enzo Rosani Sees the Playing Field

Those who choose to live in Miami say that it’s a place where anything can happen at anytime.  Whether it’s the sultry heat, the mix of Latin cultures, or the promise of both sin and pleasure, the city has a beat of its own.

French Football star Enzo Rosani was drawn to this quality in Miami as soon as he stepped off an airplane at MIA.  Twenty-one years old at the time, he had never been hit with humidity like whatnow enveloped him, nor had he ever experienced that sense of anticipation for what life had to offer.

Enzo had played football in France for five years.  Selected to play on the French National Team,he rose to the top and was named captain of the team that competed in two World Cups and a European Cup. In 2017, he retired from the sport and left France for Florida, intending to get his real estate license. The scion of a French real estate family, Enzo had the yen for buying and selling properties in his blood, saying “My dad was in real estate in Paris. He showed me that the opportunities are endless and I loved the fact that you have full control of your own future.” 

At first blush it would seem that a career in professional sports and real estate would have little in common.  After all, an athlete thrives on pushing his body to achieve new feats, while a real estate investor succeeds by developing an understanding of how to leverage the value of property. But for Enzo the transition proved to be seamless.  Perhaps his innate ability to “see the playing field” gave him an edge because rather than chase after the ball, he could see where it was going to end up. Enzo felt confident that he could do the same in the real estate market.

In recent times, the Miami real estate market has become especially lucrative, flooded with both domestic and international home buyers. Enzo soon came to realize that many pro athletes who competed in Miamieventually settled there too. As a pro athlete himself, Enzo discovered that he had an instant rapport with this class of buyer. He was able to anticipate that they had special housing needs and earned a reputation for the way he handled every detail of their transactions, becomingone of the go-to agents for this niche group.  So solid was this market that Enzo helped to establish and launch a special Sports and Entertainment Division at Barnes International Realty.

Whether it’s identifying the perfect property or leveraging the best deal, Enzo understands that real estate is a competitive sport. Hard work and dedication pay off. To find the perfect home in Miami, visit Enzo’s Instagram or go to his profile at Barnes International Realty.

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