Trapo’s net worth 2022

Trapo’s net worth 2022

Time and time again, we’ve seen rappers with a lot of potential get lost in the fray. What’s interesting is that some are able to break out of that cycle and excel. Take Trapo for example. As one of the founding members of the rap group SODMG, he has kept his profile high while also carving out a lucrative career as an independent artist.

With Trapo recently releasing a new song titled “Thug Life,” we wanted to take stock of just how much money he has made from his music career thus far. Keep reading to discover more about Trapo net worth, his expensive cars, and how he got here…

What is Trapo’s net worth?

While many people will have varying estimates of Trapo’s net worth, we can be fairly certain that his net worth is over $1 million. With 10 charting songs and 7 charting albums under his belt, it’s not hard to imagine that in the decade since he first started rapping, Trapo has made a very healthy living.

It’s worth noting that due to the nature of music, the vast majority of this money has been earned over the last few years. While he has been releasing music for almost a decade, the vast majority of his earnings have come in the last few years.

How has Trapo made his money?

As we touched upon earlier, Trapo has racked up a significant net worth over the last few years. This is because he has been able to find success as an independent artist. As the face of SODMG, he is bound by a record label and their resources. As an independent artist, he has complete control over his music, branding, and image. He can make and release music when he wants to, and he can make it sound however he wants.

This has led to Trapo racking up a lot of charting singles, as well as a few charting albums. It’s also led him to be featured on a few tracks, like “Thug Life” with Snoop Dogg, “I’m Straight” with P. Diddy, and “No Tilt” with Puff Daddy. He has also released a few collaborative albums, including Thuggin Vol. 1 with 2 Chainz, Thuggin Vol. 2 with T.I., and Conjugal Visits with Trina.

Vehicles included in Trapo’s net worth

While the bulk of Trapo’s net worth is made up of cash and investments, there are a few interesting vehicles he has in his garage. In addition to his Mercedes Benz worth $120,000, he has a Ferrari worth $280,000. He has a Bentley worth $300,000, three Rolls Royce’s worth $825,000, a Lamborghini worth $1 million, and a handful of other vehicles worth a few hundred thousand each.

Final thoughts

To say that Trapo has had a successful music career would be an understatement. He has been able to build upon a strong start and carve out a really impressive career as an independent artist.

It’s safe to say that Trapo’s net worth will continue to rise as he continues to release new music and tours around the globe. If you’re a fan of Trapo’s music and want to see him make more money, be sure to support his latest album “Thug Life” and keep an eye out for tour dates near you!

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