Stephanie Angelo Hayden

Stephanie Angelo Hayden

When I was in high school, I remember one of my science fair projects being a makeup postcard. It was nothing fancy or special — just a page of simple black and white selfies with the occasional word or phrase about how much you love yourself. It probably didn’t earn me any awards, but it sure felt good to know that someone else liked what I was doing with my life. Self-love is something that can feel like a scary concept for some people to wrap their heads around. Stephanie Angelo Hayden Because we are told from a young age that our self-worth comes from the approval of others, we also live in an age where online self-esteem isn’t something most people think about regularly. But believe it or not, there is such an intrinsic value in being yourself that doesn’t need to come from other people. Self-love is something many of us don’t practice often because it can be so difficult at times. The idea of spending time to ourselves can be intimidating and downright boring — especially when you are constantly going through changes in your life. But Stephanie Angelo Hayden resists this by writing and Illustrating her own content and sharing her own experiences on social media. Her blog, Keep Me Coming Back: A Writer, Artist, and Blogger Who Believes in the Power of Self-Love, shares her journey throughout college and beyond as she rediscovers her passion for exploring self-care and finding joy in every moment.

Stephanie Hayden

Stephanie Angelo Hayden, born in Las Vegas, grew up with an unhealthy obsession with celebrities. This allowed her to learn how to spot talent in everyone, and she credits her love of arts and crafts as a way to cope with the stress of high school. While in high school, she was involved in a number of clubs and activities, including the National Honor Society. After graduating high school, Hayden attended the University of Nevada, Reno, where she majored in communications with a minor in creative writing. While at Nevada, she wrote for the school newspaper and won several awards for her work. But after receiving a scholarship to attend the University of Arizona, Hayden decided to stay in Tucson and study creative writing. She credits her time in Arizona with helping her develop as an artist, and she now encourages others to follow in her footsteps by taking creative writing courses. After graduating from Arizona with a degree in creative writing in 2010, Hayden enrolled in a master’s program at the University of Central Florida, where she majored in art and illustration. While in college, she spent her time painting and illustrating various things, including her first book, Superheroes.

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While Hayden was a student at Central Florida, she also worked as a news anchor for Fusion 10 in Orlando. This job allowed her to see first-hand what life was really like on the other side of the camera, and it inspired her to go on to pursue a career in television news. After college, Hayden worked for a time as a news anchor for Q13Fox in Seattle, before moving to New York to launch her media career. In 2013, she became an anchor for the Style Network, where she currently works.

Troy Hayden

Troy Hayden, the son of famed car designer Carroll Hayden, grew up in a household full of art and design. After earning a degree in industrial design from the University of Michigan, he soon found himself drawn to the world of illustration and illustration, where he currently works. After college, Hayden worked as an illustrator for a while, before launching his media career. In 2009, during a trip to Las Vegas, Hayden met the man who would become his husband, Troy. The two hit it off and were married a few months later.

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On May 9, 2013, Hayden and Troy were happy together when he suddenly lost his life due to a heart attack. Two weeks later, on May 25, 2013, Hayden lost her own mother to cancer. These incredible losses challenged her to be even more Self-Lovin’ and she decided to use her celebrity to support the American Heart Association’s Honor the Heart campaign.

Stephanie Angelo Hayden

After her father died in 2013, Hayden was inspired to use her celebrity to help spread the word about heart disease. So in October of that year, she created the Hayden Card, which encourages people to talk to their peers and family members about their health. The “Card for the Heart” is printed on recycled paper and features a quote by C.S. Lewis, one of Hayden’s favorite authors. In 2014, Hayden and Troy’s son, Owen, was born. In January of that year, Hayden was named a Commander of the prestigious Eagle Order of the Coif, which is the highest honor an American can achieve.

Stephanie Hayden and Owen Hayden

In addition to being an inspiration to many, Stephanie Angelo Hayden is also a self-professed “gypsy mommy.” Her son, Owen, is her primary child care provider, and Hayden uses this blog to share what works and what doesn’t for parents of young children. In her spare time, Hayden also runs a blog about dating, relationships, and a variety of other topics. Keep Me Coming Back: A Writer, Artist, and Blogger Who Believe in the Power of Self-Love is her first book.

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