Bogus Braxtor Fake ID Review: Is This Legit?

Bogus Braxtor Fake ID Review: Is This Legit?

Have you ever encountered an issue where you need a Fake ID, but the ones available are either too expensive or are a complete scam? If so, you may want to check out the Bogus Braxtor Fake ID Reviews. While the name is unfamiliar, trust us; this fake id maker has been around for quite some time. After all, they have great reviews on Amazon and have high user satisfaction rates. Just keep in mind that all of these reviews come from people who received their orders and not everyone will have the same experience as others. So what exactly is BogusID? Well, they’re one of the biggest fake id producers on the market today. Their company was founded by Brian O’Connor who had previous experience as a software developer and an entrepreneur. That being said, he knew his way around operating a business from day one. Instead of selling cheap imitations that look like real IDs at first glance, BogusID creates an exclusive line of “super realistic” fakes that look and feel 100% real without any detectable flaws. They take into account how other companies copy their designs and incorporate new security features to make sure only those with access to their blueprints can produce them again after purchasing a serial number for under 10$. If you haven’t heard about this company before or know someone that has dealt with them before then we recommend checking out their bogus braxtor fake id review below so you can see what kind of service

What’s Included with Bogus Braxtor Fake ID?

If you are ordering a Bogus Braxtor fake id, then you will receive a high quality fake id card that has the following features: – Front and back color identical to real IDs. – Laser-engraved barcode on the back that links to a secure server. – Front and back features that can be customized with your own information. – ID hologram that can be used to make fakes that are undetectable under normal security camera flashes. This can be changed to your desired design. – ID number that is randomly generated and can be traced back to you with your assigned ID number.

Shipping & Return Policy

Bogus Braxtor orders are shipped from California and will arrive within 3-5 business days after a tracking number has been provided. If you are unsatisfied with your product for any reason, then you may return the product within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund. All you need to do is ship the fake id back and include a letter stating what you would like to do with the fake ID and where you would like it to go. If you want to return the fake id for an exchange, then you will get your new id within 2 weeks of the return shipping.

Company Information & Reviewer Testimonials

While researching fake id makers, we stumbled upon the Bogus Braxtor fake id reviews and took note of their good reviews. The reviews were interesting, to say the least. We also researched their company information and found that they were incorporated in California, which is where all of the fake ids will be sent. We also found that their company website had information on it that gave us a really good idea of what they were all about. For starters, the website was extremely easy to navigate and contained accurate information on all of the different features that their fake ids have. Next, we saw the reviews for the Bogus Braxtor fake id were mostly positive and were written by happy customers who were extremely pleased with their experience.


One of the first things we took note of in our bogus braxtor fake id review was the company website. While it was easy to navigate and contained all of the information that we were looking for, we did notice some grammatical errors that should be fixed with a quick revision. The main purpose of the website is to show customers what the fake id would look like and how to customize it with their own information. The site allows you to add a photo, a signature, and some other details about their fake id.

Fake ID Quality Control Checklist

Now that you know how to get a fake id from Bogus Braxtor, we recommend doing a quick quality control checklist. You should make sure that the following are true before ordering: – Your name and address on the fake id are what you want them to be. – The photo on the fake id is the same one that you want to use for the photo. – There are no spelling errors or grammatical errors on the ID. – The information on the fake id is correct and matches what is on your credit card. – The credit card information is real. – The credit card expiration date is real.

Final Words

If you have read the bogus braxtor fake id reviews we have provided so far, then you know exactly what to expect with this fake id. We hope that our bogus braxtor fake id reviews have helped you gain a better understanding as to what this product is all about and how it works. All in all, Bogus Braxtor has proven to be an excellent source for fake ids that look and feel real. If you want to find the best fake id and the experience you will get from Bogus Braxtor is a testament to that.

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