7 Ways to Improve Pitching Command

7 Ways to Improve Pitching Command

The frequently asked question found on the internet is how can I achieve 3X velocity camp, it means how can I enhance velocity with the 3x pitching mechanics, which is difficult to control. Experts usually advise when you go from cart to Corvette, and it will become more challenging to balance the car on the road. There is no difference between going at maximum speed in a go-cart to a Corvette. Our Central nervous system ( CNS) will adapt to how to regulate the updated speedy movement. Once our CNS gets enough repetitive signals, it will gradually program into your muscle memory. Therefore, you will become consistent with it.


Before jumping into the tips, we need to understand which elements allow us to make appropriate pitching control. It means throwing at the striker zone is not enough, and we have to control the hit simultaneously even if the position is slightly away from the strike zone.


Accuracy VS Precision pitching


The definition and explanations are gathered from Wikipedia.

In the field of engineering science and statistics, the measurement of accuracy depends on the degree of proximity or accuracy of the measurement of quantity. The precision of a measurement is known as reproducibility or repeatability. It is considered the degree of angle that repeated the measure under unaltered conditions to exhibit equal output. Both of these words seem synonymous through precision and accuracy, but they are entirely different from each other from a scientific prospect. This implies the fruitful pitcher is really both exact and exact. They can hit a similar spot again and again and move this area all through the strike zone. Here is a showing addressing the distinction among exactness and accuracy for the pitcher


The Science behind ball regulation



A new report called, Utilization and pay of communication forces during ball-tossing developments, has found that ball control is more exact when the underlying development of the active chain precedes the elbow and creates the power creation. This implies in case the shoulder doesn’t drive the elbow, then the elbow’s essential capacity becomes power creation over engine control which drastically impacts accuracy. The review didn’t begin the toss before the shoulder in the dynamic chain, so we don’t know whether the underlying power creation is more compelling beginning farther down the motor chain, yet it gives that impression in light of this investigation’s model.


Ball-throwing is one of the most skillful movements that need excellent assortment between joints. Dounskaia et al. show the hierarchical control where the function of the proximal muscle is to create a movement of the complete linkage and the role of distal muscle to create rectification of the translocation required to fulfill the task.



The function of the elbow muscle torque in three joint releasing was to support the effect of intersegmental coordination; on the other hand, the function of elbow muscle torque in double joint delivering was to enhance the limb by itself,


Top seven ways to improve pitch control


There is plenty of advice to improve pitch control which is useful in and off-season.


  1. Try to focus on linear movement over rotational movement in pitching and delivering. Running more dominantly in a linear direction towards your aim makes it less effective for your arm to alter the avenue to stay on the aim at pitch deliverance.
  2. Up your throwing arm as early as possible into maximum external rotation. Putting a potential load on your throwing arm would begin maximum force formation before the elbow begins to accelerate. This process gives the forearm to adjust and control the pitch in a better way.
  3. Do not press your grip. Aggressively. Your finger should be flexible enough to alter the location to regulate the pitch within the last few seconds before your pitch delivers. Over gripping the ball would inhibit the regulation by our central nervous system.
  4. Hold your head in your pitching delivery. Your head should be placed where your computer is as if now while reading the blog. If you lose control here, you can’t expect to keep control over another part of your body.



  1. Relax before and during the game to alleviate anxiety- listen to mindfulness music before a mind-engaging game if you feel nervous.

Practice some breathing exercises to control your mind at the time of the game.


  1. Grasp the target earlier. It would be best not to wait until you begin your release to take up the target—zone primarily to identify your main point position.


Finally, we would say, for a better pitching experience, you must have advanced level gripping strength. However, you may enhance grip strength by practicing grip exercise with the best hand grip strengthener available in certified brands.



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