Sectors That Can Benefit From Solar Mobile Generators

Sectors That Can Benefit From Solar Mobile Generators

You may not have heard of solar mobile generators, which came onto the market a couple of years ago and for the first time, many business sectors can now access clean and renewable energy, thanks to solar panel and lithium battery technology. Here are just a few of the business sectors that can benefit from solar mobile generators.


  • Government Organisations – There are many government agencies that require power in remote locations and the best solution is the solar mobile generator. Within just a few minutes, the unit’s solar panels are deployed and you have your power.


  • Construction Companies – In many instances, there is no electricity on remote construction sites and this is the ideal situation to use solar mobile generator. This gives the builder the independence they need when working in remote locations and the unit can be deployed and working in a few minutes.


  • Military Use – The military regularly use solar mobile generators, as they often require power in diverse remote environments. It is unsure exactly how much the military utilises this kind of technology and it could be used in combat situations.


  • Event Organisers – When you organise an event and there isn’t electricity, the solar mobile generator is the perfect solution and a series of these units can give you all the power you need. Imagine not having to worry about where you get your power from? All you need is an outdoor location and you can deploy the solar panels. In 30 minutes you will have enough energy to get started. Of course, the more units you have, the more power you can generate, and the supplier can advise you regarding the number of units you would need for any given project.


  • Agriculture – Farmers need to store harvested crops in cool environments and the solar mobile generator is the perfect solution. The generator can cool an enclosed area quite quickly and a series of the units can bring down the temperature in a larger storage unit.


  • Aquaculture – This is another sector that relies heavily on solar generators, as marine species, and produce need to be stored in precise conditions.


  • Aid & Development Agencies – These organisations rely heavily on solar mobile generators and they have to set up a base in remote places, where they require medical products in cool environments and to power their rural offices that are usually modular buildings.


  • Scientists – Environmental scientists use solar mobile generators to run equipment and to illuminate their field laboratories, which would be used in remote regions like the polar caps and in deserts. Solar energy is now being used to provide power on the bases in Antarctica and the Arctic, which are very remote and inaccessible.


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