4 Most Common Reasons for Divorce in the World

4 Most Common Reasons for Divorce in the World

No one ties the knot, thinking that one day they will get divorced. A wedding day is the most special day for anyone. On that day, you vow to be with your partner through thick and thin. Unfortunately, even couples with the best intentions are sometimes incapable of overcoming the challenges they face and end up in courtrooms.  No matter how much love and commitment a relationship starts with, it can sour, and couples end up getting unhitched for several reasons.

In this article, we’ve put together a few primary yet most common reasons for leading marriages to divorce. If any of these things are happening between you and your spouse, it is the time you both talk it out and meet the middle ground to solve the issue. Do not let anything ruin the relationship you both have built for years. If you want to learn about the common reasons, be sure to read this article till the end.



Probably one of the critical reasons for divorce. There is no getting around it. Extramarital affairs and infidelity can destroy any marriage. Not only does it bring on pain and betrayal, but it also weakens the trust in which the relationship is built. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), cheating is one of the most damaging problems couples face. This same study also stated that over 42% of all the divorce cases reported are extramarital affairs.


Lack Of Intimacy

We live in an era where personal satisfaction is vital, and the same goes for married couples. If they start feeling like they are not the page or the marriage is not satisfying, they may consult with a divorce lawyer. Feeling like not connected with your partner can wreck any marriage. Over time, marriages transition from physical contact to a more spiritual kind of love, which is normal. However, intimacy is still an essential part of the relationship. Without this, no marriage can survive for long. It is because intimacy keeps a couple bonded both physically and mentally.


Financial Problems

It comes as no surprise that money-related issues are among the primary reasons for divorce around the world. Why is divorce so common due to financial problems? There are a few explanations for this. Mismatched financial priorities between the couple, credit card debt, financial infidelity, overextending their budgets, failure to compromise on spending, and major impulse buying are a few reasons behind arguments, a motivating factor in divorce. The fight causes stress. Stress cuts off the communication between the couple. The lack of communication leads to trust breakdown and, eventually, divorce.


Physical Abuse

Above all, emotional or physical abuse has been the chief encouragement for divorce from forever. Unfortunately, it is the sad reality of many couples. Regardless of the reason, no one should support and tolerate the abuse. Violence and abuse is never the solution. That is why abusive relationships never last long and one should never stay in such a marriage.



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