Outlook Shortcuts

Outlook consists of many keyboard shortcuts that allow completing your demands without using the mouse. Furthermore, there are so many keyboard shortcuts available from your perspective the shortcut key changes the way of email after learning two minutes. We can save 15 minutes a day in the email. We organized these keyboard shortcuts into three types of inbox view conversation view and composed view. It responds more efficiently to increase mail productivity and navigate your inbox with the following outlook keyboard shortcuts. 

  • Make sure your keyboard first enabled in outlook to allow keyboard shortcuts to in perspective the follow these step
  • Select setting from your home screen. 
  • Then select more email settings.
  • Then go to customizing outlook and then select the keyboard shortcut, choose your choice of mode and then click to save.
  • Outlook shortcuts for the inbox view.
  • In the inbox view, we can see the read and unread messages in our inbox. 

Open a new Message: 

When we open the outlook and ready create a new email then use ctrl+shift+m in this, we can extend the message easily though the outlook shortcuts

Open a Received Message: 

Outlook shortcut can also open a received message from ctrl +o gives a quick to spread the received news that we have selected 

Send and receive the call:

The outlook shortcuts can also send and receive calls to send and receive calls using F9. 

Select All: 

Outlook shortcut can also select all of my messages by using ctrl + A this gives a quick way to delete batches of email at a time.

Delete Item:

Outlook shortcut can also delete items to delete an item of emails or a selected group press ctrl + d.

Mark Selected messages As Read: 

Outlook shortcut can also mark selected shortcut as by pressing ctrl + Q.

Outlook Shortcut for the Conversation View:

We can view our email’s content in the conversation view after opening them in the inbox view. 


Outlook shortcut can also reply to the email though ctrl + R it gives us a simple shortcut for responding to an email.

Reply All:

Outlook shortcut replies all the email messages for this, and we use ctrl.


Outlook shortcuts can also forward the email messages. Press ctrl + F is used to deliver the message.

Mute Thread: 

Outlook shortcut also mute thread some time email thread cannot be control by hands if the conversation.

Switch to the Next Message: 

Outlook shortcuts can also switch to the next message when I already have an open letter, and I want to skim the rest of my notes, then I use ctrl+ to open the following message.

Switch to the Previous Message: 

Outlook shortcut switches to previous messages by using ctrl+, which allows the jump to the last statement. 

Outlook Shortcut for Composing View: 

We can also type and send messages in our email, even in the compose view.


Outlook shortcuts also send the message when you are ready to send the message, click on Alt + S to send.

Saved as Draft:

Outlook shortcut also saves as a draft by using Ctrl +S to save as a draft. 

Insert a Hyperlink:

Outlook shortcuts can also insert a hyperlink by clicking on Ctrl + K. It is a quick way to insert a hyperlink. 

Spell Check:

It also checks the spell for this. I use f7 to check magic before sending it quickly. 

Outlook Shortcut for the Calendar:

Create an Appointment:

We can also create an appointment through outlook shortcut by using ctrl n for calendar view and ctrl shift when in any outlook view. 

Create a Meeting Request:

We can also create a meeting request through outlook shortcut by using Ctrl + shift + q. 

Switch to Month View:

To switch to month view, we select Alt + equal or Ctrl +Alt +4

These are some outlook shortcuts that we use in our daily life in email, which is immensely helpful. 

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