Alkaline water : Benefits, Side Effect and Dangerous

Alkaline water : Benefits, Side Effect and Dangerous

Alkaline water (known as ionized aqua) is a type of processed water. Fortunately, it is now widely used. People are using this water for many reasons, such as to get rid of diseases or overall health benefits.

The alkalization process includes increasing the pH level of water to form it less acidic. Natural water has a pH level of 7, where the manufacturers increase it about 8 to 9.

However, enhancing the pH level is not its only specialty. It should contain alkaline minerals and other antioxidants.

pH set the acidic level of any material. It is measured from 0 to 14. pH with less level signifies higher acidity in a material. Based on that, water that has level 1 pH is highly acidic.

The water full of alkalizing compounds such as magnesium, calcium, silica, potassium, and bicarbonate is good for the body. It helps the human body to lessen the excessive level of the acid.


Alkaline Water Benefits 

It seems to be useful for our overall health, pressure, diabetes, and acidic imbalance. We mentioned some specific benefits below.

Improve immunity

Alkaline water assists in improving our immune system and body functions. Drinking this water is effective in preventing illnesses covering kidney and colon disorders.


Proper hydration

Though regular water is sufficient for hydration. But alkaline water seems more effective to make you hydrated. It passes faster and spread more minerals and vitamins throughout the body.

Weight loss

The higher pH level of alkaline water assists the weight loss process. This water keeps the human body’s pH level normal and prevents the process of excess fat storage. 

Balanced pH level

The appropriate intensity Potential of Hydrogen (pH) is essential for the human body. This is why; alkaline water encourages quick recovery from many diseases.

Healthy bone

This water contains many minerals, like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. They are essential for wholesome and strong bones.


Toxins in our bodies cause many diseases. If you drink alkaline water each day, it will wash our internal organs and remove the body’s wastes.


Side Effects

Alkaline water is generally safe to drink. However, excess drinking can cause extreme lower acidity. Some side effects may seem like below.

  • Some users may feel vomiting.
  • In some cases, it causes short term hand tremors.
  • Few digestion malfunctions are also reported. Usually, alkaline water can create trouble for people over 60.
  • Sudden metabolic abnormality can be seen for some users.
  • Kidney patients should be careful to drink alkaline water.


Like all other medicine, improper usage of such water can be dangerous. Excess sipping of this water may inspire gastrointestinal issues and skin annoyances. Besides, it may hamper the natural pH level of your body. 

It is highly recommended to consult with an expert before you drink alkaline water. Moreover, you should collect such things from a renowned Alkaline herbs store Alkaline Naturals.

You can surely drink this water by following an expert’s guide to enjoying its dynamic health benefits.

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