What Makes a Good Teacher? The Key Qualities to Have

What Makes a Good Teacher? The Key Qualities to Have

Are you wondering what makes a good teacher? If yes, you should click here to learn about the traits all great teachers have in common.

Everyone’s had good teachers and bad teachers throughout their education.

To be a great teacher, you need to possess certain qualities. It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching kindergarten kids or grad students, you need to be able to communicate new concepts to people in engaging ways that they’ll remember.

Today, we’re going to dig into what makes a good teacher. Some people are born with these qualities and others need to work hard to develop them, but they’re all absolutely necessary for succeeding in education.

Great Communication Skills

Of course, you can’t be a great teacher without the ability to communicate in interesting ways. Going further, you have to be able to communicate new information to a wide range of personalities, some of which might be book learners and others could be harder to reach.

Not every teacher can relate to their students, but the best ones make an effort to create different lesson plan templates to appeal to different people.

You Can Adapt

Part of what makes a great teacher is their ability to adapt to different scenarios. You’re basically working in a constantly changing environment, whether it be with new people in the classroom or a changing curriculum. If you can’t learn and adapt on the fly, then you can’t focus on teaching your students.

In many ways, you’re at the mercy of this changing environment, so you have to be comfortable rolling with the punches, so to speak.

Engaging and Creative

If you watch a lot of Hollywood films, then you’d think most of a teacher’s job is inspiring their kids. Although there’s a lot more to it than that, being engaging and creative with your teaching methods goes a long way in boosting your students’ esteem and ability to absorb concepts.

Empathic and Patient

The best teachers get to know their students as well as they possibly can. It’s difficult to figure a person out in just a few months, but if you’re paying attention, you can figure out which ones are getting on just fine versus the ones that are going to need extra help.

It’s no use getting frustrated with the slower students. Being patient with them and making an effort to realize that it’s genuinely harder for some students to learn will go a long way in getting their undivided attention.

You Can Manage Personalities

Lastly, the ability to manage several different types of personalities is, arguably, one of the most important qualities a teacher can have. This is especially true when you’re teaching high school or lower. If you can’t manage the room, things can quickly devolve into chaos, then no one’s getting the education they deserve.

Part of this comes from the effort to get to know everyone. If your students sense that you’re giving it your best shot, they’ll give theirs too.

Learning What Makes a Good Teacher Takes Time

You find what makes a good teacher as you progress through your career. Some of these qualities are innate, while others, you have to work at. At the end of the day, different teachers have different styles that they can make work for them.

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