3 Things Making WordPress Hosting Greater Than the Others+

3 Things Making WordPress Hosting Greater Than the Others+

WordPress hosting is a need to do in improving a website or WordPress’s performance. All things can be known to make you take the right choice. It means that you don’t spend much money on effortless things. The most important one is that your chosen hosting supporting your blog and business. These are some things making WordPress hosting greater than the others.


  1. Performance of WordPress Hosting 


Have you ever disappointed with WordPress hosting? It has some cases making you disappointed. It is possibly caused by the down server. Slow server performance occurs due to unwell support. Whatever the cases are usually related to the performance. When you want to buy a WordPress hosting service, you need to concern about some things. One of the things is its performance. It must fulfill some parameters of having a great performance.


Minimally Uptime 99.90%


It is much recommended to select a good WordPress hosting proven well where it can keep the server stay online minimally 99.90% in one month. Almost all the best WordPress hosting services will guarantee minimally 99.90% uptime. However, do you realize the number meaning? It means that you will be offline for 10 minutes per week or 40 minutes per month. Of course, it has a nose time for making your WordPress off.


Load Page Speed


The next feature is about load page speed. It must reach higher than 1000ms. The speed of the WordPress or website depends on the overall WordPress structure. Many factors influence the WordPress’ speed. However, if the hosting’s server is slow under 1000ms, you will lose many viewers and customers because your WordPress is walking like a turtle.


Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth 


The next feature is about disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Do you like limited quota? Of course, everyone dislikes it because you cannot do anything freely. Even, an internet package needs to have an unlimited package. It is applicable for selecting a WordPress hosting service where it offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Almost all hosting providers offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. However, you must be careful because sometimes the unlimited label saves a hidden term and condition.


  1. WordPress Hosting Price


The next thing is about its WordPress hosting price. The price is very influencing one’s decision to buy a WordPress hosting. These are some things that you should know before buying it.


A Reasonable Hosting Price 


The shared hosting package must be reasonable. It usually offers a rational price range of at least $ 5 per month. If you find a more expensive price, you need to find the other one because it is not reasonable.


Setup Free


Some WordPress hosting providers usually take a setup fee when you buy a hosting service. You mustn’t pay it because all great hosting providers will not burden the setup fee to its customers. The setup fee is a control fee that does not exist. You must be careful about this setup fee.


Renewal Price 


The next thing is about the renewal price mentioned transparently. Now, almost all web hosting providers give a big discount when you first time buy a WordPress hosting. The discount is only applicable for the first time purchase where it is not lasting of the WordPress hosting renewal. The hosting provider usually offers a transparent price so that you can know the real cost of using the WordPress hosting package. Make sure that it includes the cost and fee in detail.


Free Domain 


For beginners, a free domain is very teasing. If it has a WordPress hosting provider giving a free domain, you must make a choice. Make sure that just in case in the worst scenario later if you want to move a free domain. You can point to the new hosting or transferred it to the other domain providers.

3. Company’s Reputation

The last consideration is about a company’s reputation. It is crucial to consider its reputation so that you can get the best one. These are some things about the company’s reputation.

The Age of WordPress Hosting

It needs to have a more than three-year age period. When it has a longer period, of course, it is trusted to serve the customers.

Positive Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are important to consider. To know a great reputation, you can read its positive customer reviews. It is usually discussed on social media or the internet.


It needs to remember that you need to find true customer reviews using WordPress hosting so that you choose the best one. The good reviews are from real users and customers.

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