Are the Best Meal Replacement Protein Shakes & Drinks Healthy

Are the Best Meal Replacement Protein Shakes & Drinks Healthy

Being obese is a type of invitation you give to various health problems. There is nothing new when you are told that obesity invites diabetes, heart ailments, joint aches, and many such health problems. You will find people trying out various ways to lose weight, some opt for regular exercises, some opt for healthy and nutritious diet plans, and some combine the two. On the other hand, it is also seen that busy executives seldom get proper time to have their meals while at work. They often gorge on junk foods such as burgers and pizzas, which also increase their body weight. A simple solution to all such weight related issues is a good quality meal replacement shake. These keep you full for a long time and also give your body all the essential nourishments it needs.

Know the Rules When You Replace a Proper Meal with Any Alternative

If you speak to a few experienced and reliable nutrition experts at, you will come to know that meal replacement shakes are almost at par with some of the best quality protein bars. However, these are not something that you should depend upon on a regular basis, when it comes to an alternative to proper meals. Most of the meal replacement shakes in the market will appear similar to a first timer. Thus, it is better to start off with a meal replacement shake that suits you.

It is always a good idea to get all of your nutrients from unprocessed foods. Experts say that a good mean contains around 20gm to 30gm of protein, healthy fats, a minimum of 10gm of fiber, and sufficient amount of calories that can leave you with a feeling of sustained. Thus, when you think about opting for a meal replacement, it is always recommended to check the nutritional panel properly, as well as the ingredients. Opting for a meal replacement may not be a good idea for someone with a history of disordered eating habits.

The Latest Crop of Meal Replacement Shakes

The cofounders of Mele, Elise Tresley and Lauren Benbassat have said that the sole reason for them to start the company was their failure to find a proper meal replacement that was free from soy, preservatives, and was a non-GMO product, despite the presence of so many different varieties of juice bars and smoothies. Mele is basically a low-glycemic due to which it tends to break down slowly and also trickles glucose into your system over a period of time. As a result of this, sudden fluctuations in your blood sugar levels is reduced and you feel a sustained energy throughout the day.

There are several experts who believe that the protein content in Mele makes it a great option as a post-workout recovery snack and even to get over a late afternoon or mid-morning slump. However, the calorie content in the product is merely 250 per shake. Thus, the experts are also skeptical about the fact that it can fully be used as a meal replacement. When it comes to a proper meal, the protein, fiber, and calorie content in the product is quite low.

Another meal replacement shake that has come out in the market is known as Huel and, according to experts, is a good meal replacement shake. It provides a complete nutritional meal with the presence of all the necessary minerals and vitamins. It is made from 6 different food ingredients such as pea, brown rice, oats, coconut, sunflower seeds, and flaxseeds. It also contains 27 different minerals and vitamins that help your body get all the micronutrients it needs.

Experts believe that Huel is more like a meal replacement since it contains all the nutrition in the right quantity. It contains 400 calories, 6gm of fiber, 20gm of protein, and 19gm of healthy fats. However, experts say that it is not a good idea to have it on a daily basis. It is a good option for days when you are really busy and do not have any time to have a proper meal.

It is true that you will not have proper access to a nutritional meal when you are outdoors, whether on the road or while at work. Under normal circumstances, people opt for junk foods when they feel hungry and do not have time for a proper meal. The end result is health problems. Huel can help you during such times by providing proper nutrition to your body and curbing your hunger pangs.

If you compare Mele with Huel, the former is basically a type of whole foods in the form of a shake and the latter is more of a half-supplement. Another meal replacement by the name of Gemini by Unico Nutrition is closer to a proper meal replacement for you. Apart from all the essential nutrients in the right quantity, it also contains all the extras that you may have added to your general wellness routine. Per serving of this meal replacement gives you 8gm of protein sourced from hemp, pea, and quinoa proteins. It also makes it suitable for vegans. However, you will find various other wellness ingredients in it also such as fiber from sweet potato, cassava flour, MCT oil, spinach, flaxseeds, and steal cut oats. It also contains digestive enzymes, prebiotic inulin, probiotic blend, and ashwagandha.

According to the founder, the mere concept of a meal replacement has changed. Thus, meal replacement products should also change accordingly. This is what prompted him to come up with this highly innovative meal replacement, which also aims at your gut health and macronutrient requirements. Experts believe that Gemini is a rather trendy and flashy meal replacement as far as the ingredients are concerned. Most of these ingredients are also sourced from real foods and phytonutrients as opposed to nutrients or isolated vitamins that is normally found in other meal replacements. However, experts are also rather skeptical about some of the extras in the product such as digestive enzymes and probiotic blend as most of the users do not consume them on a daily basis.

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