Read More on Apifonica Blog about the Latest Communication Solutions

Read More on Apifonica Blog about the Latest Communication Solutions

APIs are introduced and embraced by almost all sized business processes whether small, medium or large. Communication APIs have changed the enterprise communication which was earlier expensive, time-intensive and custom. Today, every company need to embrace the cutting edge technology to boost their communication and APIs are meant for it. It boosts their productivity, improve their efficiency and make the workflow smooth. APIs allow them to use SMS and voice calls more efficiently by embedding VoIP into their software apps. Thus, it allows them to communicate smartly with their users and transform their experience using apps and services. apifonica blog has everything that you need to learn about communication solutions for your business.

Here you will learn a brief description on enterprise communications history, APIs and latest solutions for effective enterprise communications.


A brief history

A PSTN or public switched telephone network has been in use since decades to manage calls by the enterprises across the country and globe. A traditional telephone set was used then. It was a reliable option then and now as well but it is not the most effective one. Later, private branch exchange was introduced which connect the staff to more than one extensions and offer conferencing capabilities on phone. Latest one is VoIP that is one of the highest cost effective solutions for effective communication across the globe.

The fourth industrial revolution has brought more voice solutions that have digitally transformed a business. Today, businesses need more tools for complete collaboration, effective video conferencing, easy number discovery, two way SMS, instant messaging and more.

Communication platform as a service has fulfilled all these needs of the enterprises. Now, they can experience seamless communication over more than one channel. The CPaaS model works on cloud based approach. APIs or application programming interfacing has made this possible.



Application programming interface

The web based tools or apps work on the guidelines or instructions that we call as APIs. They are those set of instructions and standards follow by those tools and apps. APIs allow interaction of software to software without any intervention by human and it run behind the scenes. Moreover, it allows integration with more than one tool to handle the software functions without letting end user notice it.

Communication APIs are designed to establish standards for communication. It defines rules that software should follow to have a possible interaction between the application and server. These APIs work as a communication layer as well. A developer can thus manipulate data or decide how data will flow between an app and a server for making the communication more secure and quick.

Read more about the communication APIs on apifonica blog. However, few of them are discussed here.

Available APIs for communication


SMS APIs are useful for marketing platform where developers or enterprises can use it to send text messages on large scale. Moreover, software is integrated with this service to connect to millions of users across the world.

It lets the business tracks their message marketing campaigns by using the analytics applications. It also allows them to either scale up or down their needs to make the campaign cost-effective. SMS APIs are advantageous due to these reasons:

  • easy broadcasting of messages in the language preferred by users
  • the message delivery to intended users
  • leverage register lookup, live home and location
  • verify the message quality



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