Tips Painting A Room In 1 Hour

Tips Painting A Room In 1 Hour

When you have the right type of paint and ask for help, you can paint a room in just one (1) hour. The secret to this is thorough planning and well preparation. It is also a good decision to use the same paint color as the walls. For a fact, two-in-one wall paint bear a built-in primer, which will cut down on the number of coats needed. Additionally, a ceiling paint that has the color pink but when it dries out it becomes white, which entitles for you to immediately see any places you have missed. Have all what you need in preparation before your volunteers come, so you can concentrate on purely to paint application. Try these New Casa Painters / painting services in vancouver, van.


Painting Tips

1.      Ask your friends to cut in the areas of the ceiling edges. Provide them with a stepladder for each of them, buckets that have the ceiling paint and small paintbrushes. After, ask another friend to roller up the last parts of the ceiling. Provide this person with a roller in an extension pole as well as a roller tray that has the ceiling paint.

2.      Designate two (2) people to paint the walls of your house. Provide them with rollers and roller trays that has the chosen wall paint. Ask these people to add a gap of about two (2) inches at the high of each wall and, also, below.

3.      This time you will need another friend to aid you in painting the trim. You may use small paintbrushes and small buckets that has your chosen paint color.

4.      Proceed with painting. Add a thick and smooth coat to each area. The pink ceiling paint will allow a smooth coverage. After painting the ceiling and the walls, you may use small paintbrushes to cover in the gap at the high of each wall. Perform this cautiously to make it definite that there will be as little paint as possible that is added onto the ceiling. After, you may paint the trim. The task will take place in about sixty (60) minutes.

5.      Then, wait for the trim to dry out. You may now fill in the gap below every wall with the use of a small paintbrush. Remove right away any wall paint that is added onto the trim.


What You Will Need

·         Trim paint

·         Drop cloths

·         220-grit sandpaper

·         Trisodium Phosphate (optional)

·         Cleaning rags

·         Small paintbrushes

·         Fast-drying filler

·         Vacuum cleaner

·         Sponge mop

·         Roller trays

·         Rollers

·         Filler knife

·         Extension poles

·         Ceiling paint that goes on pink and dries white

·         Painter’s tape

·         Wall paint with built-in primer

Added Tips

1.      Have your one hour-home decorating challenge be completed through giving a painting party. By the time the hard work is done with, start a barbeque session and offer some drinks from the fridge.

2.      When there is paint that is applied to the white ceiling, dry it out and then, after, paint it with ceiling paint.



1.      This will be a painting session for one (1) hour, if it is basically a task of freshening up the present color scheme. For a fact, altering the color of a room would ask for more time to do.

2.      Have the room well ventilated, where the work is being done. This is to avoid paint fumes from adding up.

3.      For those who are painting bare drywall, be sure to skip the mopping, because you would not prefer to get the bare drywall wet.




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