Some simple fishing tips for beginners

Some simple fishing tips for beginners

Fishing is a relaxing activity that can take us out of the routine, but for this, practitioners need preparation. So fishing for beginners is not always that simple. Many problems must be analyzed, but rest assured: they are not seven-headed bugs. In this text you will learn how to prepare your first experience in the world of fishing. Continue reading and checking!

The best time for fishing

In general, warm times between October and March are best for most species, especially in saltwater areas. On the river, it is better to choose a flood period, which varies from one area to another. This is not to say that at other times there are no fish. Instead, they will be there, only in fewer numbers, or not so active.

Fishing for beginners

Even though it works in several places, bamboo stems with lines and hooks are not enough for truly effective fishing. Getting better equipment makes everything easier and more fun! Let’s look at some of them:

Fishing rod

Hollow sticks made of fiberglass are cheaper and may be a good choice for beginners. The ideal length for learning must be around 2.5 to 3 meters.

Windlass or Reel

For fishing in the sea, lake or big river, rolls or rolls are very important to get quick answers when the fish bite the bait. Not using it will make your reach smaller, even if it’s fun in the same way. If you use a small boat, investing in a motorized trolling such as motorguide x3 55 will help you maintain balance.


Because the idea is to start training for smaller fish, a line between 6 and 10 pounds is a good size if you don’t use rolls. With that, what is shown is using lines 10 to 14 pounds.

Hook and bait

For now, just focus on choosing bait sizes and hooks that are compatible with the size of the fish where you want to fish. To do this, first examine the fish in the area.


Always carry a folding knife, flashlight, bag to carry fish and more for your equipment. Also has fishing hooks and fishing floats in hand – the hook will make the hook sink, and the float will tell you where your bait is.

When fishing

If a fish bites a bait, do not pull it too hard, because it can bite its mouth and eliminate it. Bring fish close to you and, if they are large, remove them from the water with the help of pliers.

Also, remember that not always pulling on a stick means a fish is biting a bait. Sometimes you might hook a hook into something, so be careful not to cut lines or break sticks. And if you can’t catch any fish, be patient, change places from time to time. This is very normal in beginner fishing.

After fishing

Lastly, do not be sloppy. Clean and place the equipment in the correct protective covers, organized in your bag, as this guarantees its useful life.

Anyway, sport fishing can even be a lot of fun and relaxing, but it should be practiced in the right way and with quality equipment.


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