What to Look for in a Dental Office in Fort Lauderdale

What to Look for in a Dental Office in Fort Lauderdale

When you need to look into finding a great dental office in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area, you want to choose a dental practice that does many things, and for a good price. Not only that, but whether it’s emergencies, cosmetic dental work, or just general treatment, you want to be able to know that your dentist office of choice is there to provide you with a quality service solution that can give you that white smile you deserve. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips on what you should look for when it comes to finding the right dentist office in the area!

Knowing What to Look for in Your Dentist

When trying to find the right dentist, you need to be able to know what type of work you’re needing. Are you just looking to receive a routine cleaning? Are you needing a cavity repaired? Do you need whitening? Or maybe you’re one of the sufferers from bruxism (excessive grinding of teeth in your sleep) and need a top-notch dental solution so you can be fixed for a custom-made mouth guard that doesn’t make you feel like you’re actually wearing one. 

Or possibly, you speak Spanish or even Russian. Whatever the reason, you can literally count on the right dentist office to help you with all of your dental needs. And you want a dentist who can understand you and empathize with your problems so they can provide the right solution and service for you.

Make Sure Your Dentist is Experienced

You want a dentist that has more than a few years under their belt. Sure, they may have students come in from time to time in order to learn, but your primary dentist needs to be someone who has true expertise in their field. This instills more trust and helps greatly when listening to your needs and desires when it comes to your care. 

Finding the right dentist who knows their stuff, plus has the customer service experience to handle your needs properly. Sometimes the newer dentist offices don’t understand the full necessity of their patients’ desires, even if it’s not always the logical approach. But you do need a dentist that is willing to listen and communicate properly when you need proper coaching and advice.


The best dental office in Fort Lauderdale has proven to be the Advanced Dental Wellness Center. With over 29 years of experience, their dentists have been able to provide a full range of services that are all recommended from numerous top dentists nationwide. By providing everything from regular dentistry, all the way to Holistic dentistry, and even numerous forms of dental procedures that range from standard, all the way to serious dental surgeries, the ADW center has you covered! 

Not only that, but they’re a completely multilingual office and if you speak Russian, English, and Spanish, and with many Americans in Florida being wide mix of cultures, this make them stand out above the crowd as one of the most versatile dental offices in not only the state, but also the country!

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