Volunteers Answer The Call For Rubbish Removal London

Volunteers Answer The Call For Rubbish Removal London

Keeping our capital city spotless is a huge task. With more than 8 million people living and working in Greater London, not to mention the huge number of tourists that come and go each day, some litter in the streets is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean that Londoners take the problem lying down. Teams of volunteers come together all the time to clean-up their communities. Individuals, businesses, schools and clubs share the burden of rubbish removal London. Without their actions, the city simply wouldn’t look as impressive as it does today.


Where Does The Litter Come From?

It’s too easy to just say that litter is rubbish thrown about by careless people. That is, of course, some of the problem. Unfortunately some folks just don’t seem to understand that chucking their unwanted waste on the floor is unacceptable. A portion of the litter seen gets blown from over-filled bins, either from household wheelie bins or those provided by the council and not emptied often enough. Crows, foxes and pigeons also drag bags from dust bins in the search for food, scattering what they don’t eat as they forage. Wrappings and packaging from building sites, restaurants and retail outfits also get blown around, ending up in unsightly corners and alleyways. Whenever anyone requires rubbish removal London, contacting a reputable company such as Clearabee to collect the unwanted waste will stop more litter being created. This experienced team of rubbish collectors remove all the waste quickly, often within hours, so there isn’t time for it to be dislodged and spread around the area.


Why Is Litter A Problem?


As well as looking horrible, litter can cause a number of issues:


. It can block up drains preventing water to disperse when it rains hard. This can cause flooding and damage to property.

. Piles of junk make ideal breeding grounds for pest, such as rats, mice, flies and maggots. These creatures are safe and hidden in amongst the trash, and are often provided with a source of food too.

. Wildlife can digest plastic or toxic items that restrict the airways or cause digestive problems

. Children can get injured if there is glass or other sharp objects in the waste

. Pets can become hurt if they get into the rubbish

. People do not react positively to the ugly sight of litter. It gives a negative impression of an area and makes people unhappy


What Can Be Done About Litter In London?


Litter picks and clean-up campaigns help in so many ways. Coming together as a group to spruce up a community gives volunteers are great sense of empowerment. It brings people together who perhaps wouldn’t normally communicate, and they work together to improve their local environment. It has been proven that neat and tidy places put off littering. If there is rubbish on the ground already, people seem more likely to throw their wrappers, bottles and cartons too.


Anyone can organise a clean-up campaign. There are a number of initiatives, such as Keep Britain Tidy’s Spring Clean in 2019, and Clean-up Britain’s ongoing promotions. In 2015, the Mayor of London encouraged 4600 volunteers to join forces – and they litter picked 3867 rubbish bags full of waste.


Making sure that rubbish removal London is done in a responsible way also contributes to a cleaner capital. Use a company that collects unwanted rubbish quickly, and transfers it to the correct waste stations every time. Clearabee ensure that as much as 90% of the rubbish it collects is recycled – which is great news for the environment.


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