Vaping: A fashion or lifestyle?

Vaping: A fashion or lifestyle?

When the vaporizers appeared for the first time, they were considered little more than a novelty, something trivial that like many other fads, few expected to prosper. However, in less than ten years, the vaporizer market has experienced great growth, developed a subculture of its own and has become a topic of debate and discussion at the global level. For 2013, the knowledge of vaporizers in the United States increased to 80%, while one in ten adults had tested their products details.


As concluded by several scientific studies developed to date, vaping is undoubtedly safer than smoke conventional cigarettes. There are no known serious adverse effects on the heart and arteries. Unlike smoking, vaping is odorless unless your e-liquid has flavor. The possibility of alternating between intensities and flavors gives the user a way to consume nicotine with fewer risks to health.

The evolution of the product and a decrease in the number of tobacco smokers have been cited as a reason for the current popularity of vaping and electronic cigarettes. The market has come a long way from the simple and disposable models of electronic cigarettes that were the first examples.

Now, a lot of rechargeable devices are available, in a lot of styles, shapes and colors, making the vaping experience something that can be customized. The e-liquids can be purchased in a large selection of nicotine flavors and intensities, which adapt to each taste and requirement.

What are the reasons why people continue to vape?

1. Relaxing

Many people find that the act of inhaling and exhaling is relaxing, which is basically what you do when you vape. Another reason why people find that vaping is relaxing is because of the different flavors. Some of the flavors are inspired by soothing ingredients such as vanilla and menthol.

2. A community sentiment

Others begin to vape because they are attracted to the growing vaping communities that appear around the world. There are great vaping meetings in bars, specialty stores or other places where vapers come together and enjoy together. Of course, not a requirement, but when you start vaping, you are welcome in a large community of vapers. Within the community, suggestions, recommendations and gadgets are exchanged, and they are seen as a way to make new friends.


  1. Vaping helps to keep in control


When you vape, you can choose what you put on your device and what you inhale. You can make decisions about the concentration of nicotine in your fluids. If you do not want any nicotine, you can choose liquids with zero percent nicotine. Or choose liquids with a higher percentage, depending on your preference.

4. Vaping allows to enjoy creatively


Vaping involves inhaling the e-liquid and if you did not know it yet, there are many flavors to try. From the fruity flavors of berries to mixtures such as chocolate and mint or coffee and caramel. The sky is the limit. It is an easy way to experience all kinds of different flavors and to try a wide variety of fruits. But do not forget, it is also good to eat real fruits.

5. Develop a hobby

For some people, vaping is more a hobby than anything else. Just as some people may be fanatical about cars and need to know everything there is to know about them, some people do the same with vapers. There are many different devices to collect and each model has its own unique characteristics. Vapor fans often have multiple devices and know exactly how to make the most of each one.

It is clear that the vaping market is not just a passing fad. The market is growing rapidly, and all indications suggest that it will continue to grow over the next few years. If you are not one of the millions of people who have switched from cigarettes to vaping, consider doing it today. Your body and everyone around you will thank you.



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