Importance of Language in Competitive Exam

Importance of Language in Competitive Exam

Competitive exams have a vast syllabus to complete including the language subject. Often, it is seen that this subject is underrated. But, it can be the successive tool for competitive exam like UPSC exam. When other things are taught and paid importance like hard work, strategies for different subjects, newspaper and magazine readings, writing ways, etc., the magic played by a language subject if often neglected.

There are intelligent students possessing the ocean full knowledge, information, and analytical ability. Still, they lack behind as they are not able to express their ideas orally and in writing, both due to the lack of good knowledge.

Therefore, language knowledge is essential. While considering the UPSC exams, the top UPSC classes in Nagpur dictate the importance of written language for mains, and oral language is important for the personality test and interview rounds.

A good command is necessary to express your ideas and thoughts. In addition to other subjects, language is also crucial. The knowledge that you collect from various sources needed to be expressed and, therefore language is the only tool to write the contents that express the knowledge in a content form.

Medium of language

It is one’s personal decision to choose the medium of language for UPSC competitive exam. There is no such strategic to arrive at a decision which language is to select. It’s all depends on the personal comfort level.

Don’t take a decision looking at the past success rate of the candidates. You need to select the language your most comfortable to speak and write it.

You may come across the students in coaching classes for UPSC in Nagpur who keeps struggling to select the language for them. Their teachers help them out to arrive at a decision.

What do you mean by a good language?

  1. Error-free writing

Mistakes are possible things for everyone. But, it needs to be minimized with constant practices.

The UPSC classes Nagpur focuses greatly on this part of the language as the grammar and punctuation mistakes eat up large numbers in the subject. You are a graduate or equal to and, thus your writing should be according to that standard level.

Even your great ideas and quality information look poor due to the grammatical mistakes and you’re unable to convey the intended meaning.

  1. Pronunciation

In addition to good writing, the correct pronunciation is a must. A good pronunciation doesn’t mean to copy the foreign accents. UPSC classes in Amravati have often noticed that their students have the misunderstanding related to pronunciation. When the students are taught about the correct pronunciation, they simply mean it to copy the American accent. But, it is not like that. A good and correct pronunciation means to say the words uttered by you should be clear and easily understood.

The accent is acceptable, but at the same time, you need to pronounce your words clearly to the interviewer. If the interviewer needs to put immense effort into understanding your pronunciation, then it may affect negative marks for you.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the language medium which is suitable for you. The main intention is to clearly express your answers and not to sound posh.

  1. Effective language

Language is the most powerful and influencing tool. It can convince people and inspire people to change their decisions. While writing answers in UPSC exams, the effective lines are mostly rewarded. So, while writing answers of nearly 250-300 words, add nearly 4-5 effective lines that will hold the reader. It leaves a great impression on the examiner’s mind. And you may have chances to be rewarded with valuable marks.

The ways of acquiring good language

A good language can be easily acquired through various skills. There are different skills to improve your language, both writing and speaking. Reading books, newspapers, and magazines are helpful to improve your vocabulary.

The notes of new phrases and words that you come across reading from various sources will be much helpful. You can use them in making different sentences and, thus practising those good benefits while writing in the exams.

Similarly, to practice fluent speaking, especially in the English language, you can join to English-speaking classes Amravati. It provides the best coaching for speaking fluently and correcting g the accent and pronunciation which is essential during the interview.

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