An Overview of Digital Badges in Education

An Overview of Digital Badges in Education

The commendable pervasiveness of digital badges in educations has left everyone awe-struck. In no time, digital badges gained prominence by impressing everyone with their utilitarian value and are on its way to becoming mainstream in the education sector.

Digital badges in education is not an old phenomenon, therefore, not everybody is aware of the idea behind the introduction of badging and how is it different and in some cases, better than acquiring a degree or diploma. Below, you will find a brief explanation of how badging works.

Digital Badge – what it means

A badge can be seen as a digital symbol which signifies solid evidence of achievements, qualities, skills, and participation in experiences.  In a general sense, a digital badge usually contains a graphical icon along with metadata on who exactly acquired the badge, its criteria, the date of issue, along with the issuing institute.

Therefore, a digital badge is utilized to offer visual evidence of the achievements and development of the learner. Once the badge is earned, the learner is able to exhibit the badge in order to let people know about their expertise, skills or learning achievements.

The Ways to Use Digital Badges in Education

Badges in higher education are generally utilized as a tool for providing motivation along with a second type credentialing. Here is a basic model for you to get a deeper understanding of how it functions.

  • An instructor is given the responsibility of creating particular criteria for acquiring a badge.
  • A student fulfills those particular criteria in order to own the digital badge by sitting for classes, going through the assessment process or taking up other activities.
  • A grantor gives confirmation on the specifications being met along with awarding the badge, sustaining evidence of it through attendant metadata.
  • The student keeps the digital badge in a server account referred to as a backpack where this badge is stowed next to the awards granted by other grantors.
  • The students have an option of keeping the badges private or else exhibit them on preferred websites, platforms, social media tools, and networks

Learners get to intake knowledge in several methods and in a range of settings, especially when they are pursuing a badge from a reputed university. Apart from formal lectures as well as homework, students are also required to spend time in labs along with undertaking fieldwork.

Taking part in project work and internships is a segment of the curriculum. Learners also get the opportunity to draw meaningful value out of student organizations. Sometimes, the high standards of a few badges make them equal to college degrees as the knowledge and skills one learns through them are unparalleled.

Research on Digital Badges

Research on digital badges in educations is still in its emerging stage.  In a study on the usage of digital badges in PeerWise, it is stated that they act as strong motivators in an educational context and can be merged with a little risk into related environments.

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