Bone Conduction Technology (Everything You Need To Know About)

Bone Conduction Technology (Everything You Need To Know About)

Bone conduction headphone is a device which is conductions of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. In this device, the headphone plays the role of eardrums. It vibrates the bones of the face like jawbones and cheekbones, to hear the sound.

How do we hear

That means the sound waves are directly bypassing the outer and middle ear. It contains a small titanium implant or sound processor.

Bone conduction mechanism helps in sound transmission in the form of vibration to the inner ear effectively by passing through the middle ear. A person with a normal hearing or with impaired hearing both can use transmission of bone conduction.

Bone conduction headphones simply don’t sound pretty much good as regular headphones. There area unit variety of things here, however, the most one is that causing vibrations through the rigid material of your jaw needs far more energy than simply causing them through the air.

How Bone Conduction Headphones Work

We all hear the sound by Eardrum (air-conducted or air-transmitted) and Bone (bone- conducted or bone-transmitted). The Eardrum get sound from the outer ear and convert the sound waves to vibration and transfer into the cochlea.

Ludwig van Beethoven the famous 18th-century composer has proven that the sound could be reached in our auditory system through another medium than the eardrum and that is our bones. Because Beethoven was almost completely deaf, discovered Bone Conduction. He hears the sound of the piano through the jawbone by using of attaching a rod to his piano and clenching it in his teeth. He received perception of the sound when vibrations transfer from the piano to his jaw.

Normal headphones over bone conduction headphones

So, vibrations are heard directly by the inner ear bypassing our eardrums. The Bone conduction Headphone transmits the sound into the Inner Ear through the Bones of the Skull. It plays the role as eardrum of Ear. Headphone vibrates the Jaw Bones and Cheek Bones of Face to hear the sound. And this vibration directly bypasses into the inner part of the ear “Cochlea”.

Can bone conduction headphone be useful to Hearing Loss Problem?

Yes, it is very useful for the Hearing Impaired People to hear the sound. Bone Conduction Headphone is designed to directly vibrate the ossicles of the ear.

It helps for those people who had a block in the ear canal or injured tympanic membrane which prevented sound waves from vibrating the ossicles. Bone conduction headphones decrypt the sound waves and also convert sound wave into vibrations that can be transferred directly by the Cochlea.

How bone conduction headphones useful in Military communication?

Now, these days the Bone Conduction Headphones is very important for the Military. It is used by the military soldier to communicate to enhance fighter safety and drive mission accomplishment by control the body’s natural capacity to exchange sound through bone conduction.

It exchanging messages specifically from the soldier cap to the internal ear. Its help soldier to get audio communication to amplify their awareness and understanding the situation where they are working. It also protects to fighter from the high-frequency noise like gunfire.

Benefits From Bone Conduction Technology

Hearing Aid Users:- Bone Conduction is helpful in Hearing loss problem, it is used by thousand of Hearing Aids User. it is also known as BAHA(Bone Anchored Hearing Aids). These headphones can be used when you are wearing a hearing machine.

Military Communication:- The Military People implemented behind-the-ear style headsets in order to communicate on the battlefield. The first adopter of Bone Conduction Headphones is military.  it’s essentially a clever method of audio transmission which conducts sound to the inner ear via the bones in a person’s skull.

Sports Headphones: Bone Conduction Headphones are also used in sports for many years. And it is a very necessary part of the Music Industries. This is a new way to listen to music because it delivers a quality sound.

Scuba Diving: Bone conduction technology is totally useful and in fact quite amazing to be used underwater. Casio was the first person who used this technology in scuba diving with the help of the Logosease device. The Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for streaming audio from smartphones and other Bluetooth devices used in Scuba Diving Game.

Is Bone Conduction Headphones Safe?

As we know that Bone Conduction headphones are used when people suffered by the hearing loss problem. Hearing Loss Problem means the person can not hear the sound by the outer part of the Ear with the help of Eardrum.

When the Eardrum is damaged then it not hear the sound and doesn’t generate vibration for the internal part of the ear. Then people need Hearing Aids. In Hearing Aids, Bone Conduction headphone is Safe for the Deaf.

The Bone conduction Headphones directly interact with the internal part of the ear with the help of face bone. This headphone generates the vibration of sound and transmits into Cochlear through a Skullbone. In Cochlear thousands of tiny hair are available and move by the Vibration. The movement of tiny hair transmit the vibration to the hearing nerves, and the hearing nerves carry the vibration for the brain. And then the brain translates the vibration. It is placed near or outer part of the ear.

So, the Bone Conduction Headphones is safe for the hearing, because it does not use the eardrums to transmit sound, they provide consumers with a quality stereophonic listening experience while reducing the risk of eardrum damage. This headphone produces bone-conducted sound is transduced by the cochlea similarly to air-conducted sound. The fact that these best bone conduction headphones use bone conduction transducers does inherently make them safer than any other earphones.

The people have the risk to damage cochlear from overuse of any type of earphone.

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