5 Common Air Conditioner Problems And Solutions

5 Common Air Conditioner Problems And Solutions

Did you feel the heat even when the air conditioner is switched on? In the hot summer? Then there are chances that the appliance is under repair. And it is not every time that the air conditioner is at fault. If you have not maintained the system in proper condition, then a small problem can become the reason for repair at the highest level. In this article, we focus on 5 common air conditioner problems and solutions.

1. Fuses/Breakers

It is these parts (fuses and breakers) which prevent the motor of the AC unit from going to overheat mode. Usually, when a motor gets repaired, the AC repair expert will first check the breaker.

2. Capacitor

The capacitor is an important part of the air conditioning unit. If this part is under repair, then the motors which are responsible for giving power to the fans and compressors will non-function. There are two capacitors in an AC. The start capacitor activates the motor and the run capacitor will produce jolts to make the motor working continuously. The air conditioner will not work if even one of the capacitor gets damaged.

3. Compressor

This part works in tandem with the refrigerant and pushes the liquid via the coils to remove heat. If the compressor has become damaged, then the AC unit will stop working. A shortage of the refrigerant and the compressor will go to the overheat mode and go to the seizure mode. If there is too much of refrigerant, then the liquid gets returned to the compressor. This situation will also make the AC stop working. This is considered one of the common air conditioner problems.

4. Evaporator Coils

You guessed it right. It is these coils which absorb heat from the air of your home. And they convert it into the cold air and send them to the house. They use a series of ducts for the purpose. Now, with the passage of time, the coils can fall into corrosion. In a similar situation, you have to seek the guidance of an air conditioning repair denver expert to identify if the coils require maintenance or a replacement.

5. Condenser Coils

You can find these coils outside the AC compressor. The perfect environment to get dirty in a short time. You can clean these coils with water every year. But sometimes, if the coils have become too dirty, you need to hire an HVAC technician to use chemical cleaners to remove the stains and dirt.


Before the summer starts, many homeowners check if their AC is working to its best condition. Let us imagine a situation, where the AC has to get maintenance for your home in Bangalore. Where will you find an AC repair technician in Bengaluru? You can search for companies which provide doorstep repair services in your city. To book a service, you can download the app of the best company, and schedule the service as per your convenience. You can fix any AC problem in QuickTime.

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