Best 5 tricks to make your computer go faster

Best 5 tricks to make your computer go faster

“If not so long ago that I bought it!”, You strange. It was about six years ago, on a trip to the United States. You decide to invest in the computer you want, taking advantage of the changeover. “But then, why it takes so long to the program?”, You wonder, to the point of despair.

If you definitely are not an expert in information technology but are unwilling to change their computer as who changes his shirt, BBC World has compiled some tips to help you maintain your Mac or PC; simple steps, suitable for all skill levels. Also you can read more about how to Activate Showtime Anytime your media devices.

#1. Defragmenting your hard drive

You may not even know what it means, but you’d be surprised how relevant for computer maintenance. Also you need to remove Variance TV Adware from Window

And it streamlines the process defragment the file navigation.

Even the most modern hard disks slow down over time, due to the form of stored files. Going continuously writing and deleting files on the hard drive, these are fragmented and tend to be stored in a scattered and not in adjacent areas. And therefore becomes inefficient access to them.

So he ordered the pieces of information distributed across the disk, in addition to better manage the available space of the device, the speed of access to it is improved.

And doing so is not difficult. There are applications that are responsible for this, for example, the Smart Defrag 3 (for Windows 8.1, from Microsoft), or iDefrag (OS X, Apple).

#2. Delete the unnecessary files

Today a hard drive less than 200 GB can be filled very fast. And the fuller it is, the more it can take to carry out any operation.

Sure you have many old files, which never will use, occupying valuable space on your computer.

And detect which ones are as simple as downloading an application.

There are several on the market, for both Windows and Mac. For the first Space Sniffer or WinDirStat can help you identify graphically which files are taking up more space on your hard drive.

In the case of OS X, there is a less technical way to do it, using the Finder. This allows you to visually access practically anything you have on your Mac, including applications, hard disks, files, folders, and DVD. And you can organize from it all your files and folders, search material anywhere on your Mac, and delete material that does not want.

#3. Avoid the automatic execution of processes

This is one of the fastest ways to speed boot your computer and speed up its operation.

OS X, through the Activity Monitor, and Windows, through the Task Manager, allows you not only see what processes are running in real time but also stop them.

If your computer is a Mac, go to System Preferences, select Users and Groups, and click the process you want to stop.

If you use a PC, you can use the free Auto runs tool, which is responsible for monitoring applications that begin to function alone.

#4. Eliminates viruses and ‘malware’

Some argue that you can live without antivirus, arguing that its use is disproportionately costly CPU and memory, especially on older PC.

But for who is not an expert, better to have a tireless watchdog inside the computer.

Should choose an antivirus that suits the computer resources.

Of course, you should choose one that suits the computer resources. Among the lighter, they are, for example, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira and Panda Cloud. In the case of PC, the list is long.

And although the myth that Macs are the virus is widespread, if you think your computer Apple brand walks slower than normal, suspicion. And grab a free tool such as Avast and Sophos Antivirus.

#5. Use web applications

Why install and use Office, for example, if Google Docs offers all the essentials?

Current web applications that run within the browser, peered fulfill virtually any function.

In addition, they have two advantages: they require fewer resources and do not fill the hard drive.

If these five steps the less your computer will not boot faster, maybe you should think about calling a technician or invest in a new one.

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