Explore the best Activities in Dubai Desert Safari

Explore the best Activities in Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari provides a full day of fun and amusement in distinctive Arabian vogue for the people of all age. Additionally, these vibes can stick with you for a lifetime.

Start your Desert Safari Dubai tour from the road-side leaving the spectacular scenery of city behind the sand dunes and enter into the heart of this immense Arabian Desert in land cruisers.


Have you ever heard of Sand Dune Bashing?

Take a Sand Dune Drive in a Four-wheel drive going up and down and doing zigzag on high of the fine fringe of vast Red Sand Dunes at an awfully quick speed.

It is very popular throughout the world especially in desert regions like Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE Especially Dubai as it has the largest dunes in the country and unlimited supply of sand dunes.The sand dunes of Desert Safari Dubai is about 30 minutes’ drive from the city. It is preferred in early morning or just before the sunset usually at high temperature. You should have a lot of water with you and should take small breaks between it.

Our tour starts from the pickup facility at 9:00 AM from your hotel. You will be taken in the sand dunes by our experienced drivers. You can get a whole lot of pictures in the beautiful sand dunes.You also have an option of selecting your vehicle. It can either be a shared or private one or a VIP one. During the sand dune bashing experience you will also enjoy the soothing Arabian music getting played in the vehicle.


What about Camel Rides in a Desert?

After the sand dune drive you can enjoy the camel riding in Dubai Desert Safariwith these friendly creatures as camel ride is considered the SHIP OF DESERT. Take some amazing pictures with these creatures to update your social media.


Have an Experience of Quad Biking in Dubai which you can never have in your normal life:

You can get a thrilling experience with a quad bike which is a three or four wheeled ride in the sand dunes of Dubai desert safari. You will be provided with a proper guide by our experts before the ride.
Have an astonishing experience of exploring the sand dunes while enjoying the Quad Bike.
Our every package includes pick and drop facility, refreshment and a ride on the Quad Bike. During the ride you get a wonderful experience of seeing the beautiful sunset and sunrise.



Fun Camp Activities:

After entering the camp be astounded in Arabic themed Bedouin-style Camp Base. Here you will be able to wear some Classical Arabic Dresses to click some good pictures in those dresses to update your social media and circle.

Experience Hot Drinks and Beautiful Henna art in Desert Safari
You will be having a number of hot drink choices like Arabic Qahwa, Coffee, and Tea along with an access to unlimited Soft Drinks and of course Water. You can also fulfill your Art Passion getting some henna art. Henna is very well-known in Dubai. Get your henna art done in the desert safari camp in Dubai, the henna painter there can make tattoos on your hand or feet. Henna art is completely natural and painless. Also the interesting part is that it is included in the desert safari camp.



It sounds so good to sit on an Arabic Carpet and enjoy the night, Why not experience it in real?

You will be able to see Tanoura Dance. Tanoura means skirt in English. It is a kind of Sufi dance which is very common in Islamic Countries. Tanoura dance is of 30 minutes in which the dancer spins continuously.  You can get relaxed after seeing it.

Then you will be able to see the fire show. Firstly there would be no lights only the torch lights or the dull lights would be enlightening. The Fire show is also in Over Night Desert Safari special package.The person here would be so talented and practiced now he will shake the strings by the clockwise. Thus, you will be shocked with the tricks and the style he will display in front of you.

Other shows like Halla dance and distinctive puppet shows are also the shows you can get amazed with there. Finish your night at the Dubai Desert Safari Camp by a beyond words experience of being under zillions of stars.


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