Story of woman work as Busy life

Story of woman work as Busy life

The writer is described about  the “Woman Work” .She has expressed the tough life of a domestic woman she performs various  domestic duties and remains busy in the kitchen from morning till night she has to work under difficult circusmstance .she leads a very dull and cheerless life, she feels that nature only can provide comfort and healthy atomosphee to here, so she wants to enjoy the beautiful objects  of nature to refresh herself .

Woman working very hard

The writer is more decirebed  that a household woman remains busy all the day in work , works like an ox but she never complains  after constant labour .she wishes to enjoy the beauty  of nature . she wants a break to refresh herself .she knows that,

Nature has a healing effect

In fact it is true to say that she is not an escapist but she wants change refresh herself .

“Till i can rest again”

There is faithful pictures of a domestic woman she remains busy in work all the day .works like an ox but never complains .she start her work in the morning and it continues till night.she look after her children .she has to bath her children.she has to wipes house with a mop .she has to go to bazaar to buy something of daily use. this is a dull and drab life .she thinks that she is machine and not a human being .after performing the various domestic duties .she asks nature to come and help her.wants to go in the lap of nature.

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