There’s Nowhere You Can’t Use a Virtual Office Background

There’s Nowhere You Can’t Use a Virtual Office Background

No matter where you sign on to a video call or virtual meeting, you have the option to use a virtual office background. Find out more about all of the places where you can use backgrounds and get tips for optimizing virtual background performance in a wide range of locations.

Conference Room

A conference room can be a professional setting for a remote meeting, but you might still prefer to use a virtual office background. Whether you do not have time to stage your real-world surroundings, prefer to protect your privacy or simply would like to appear in another setting, it is easy to use a virtual background while in a conference room. 

There are several advantages to using a virtual office background even when you are in a workspace. Conference rooms often have lighting that you can adjust to ensure that you appear prominently in front of the background. A Teams background with company logo also makes it possible to display branding even if a conference room or office does not have signage on the wall.

Desktop Work Spaces

A virtual background can make you appear in more spacious surroundings while you are at your desk at work or in your home office. Virtual backgrounds also eliminate the need to devote time and effort to staging your on-camera background. One of the best features of office background images is that these virtual surroundings always look tidy and well-decorated.

For the best results when using a virtual office background at your desk, make sure that the lighting is bright enough to create contrast with your background. It is also a good idea to ensure that your camera is not pointed in a direction where coworkers moving around the office could cause a background to blur or glitch.

Coworking Locations

Coworking locations can be convenient places to be productive and network. These spaces might not be as stylish as private offices, and often do not allow tenants to display logo signage. A virtual office background is the easiest way to appear on camera with your brand or business logo.

Once again, you should prioritize lighting and try turning your camera to face a wall or blank surface that is not in the path of foot traffic. With a little preparation, you can attend virtual meetings from a virtual office of your choosing.

Out and About

You can also use an office background in any other location. The same tips for lighting and reducing motion are particularly important when you are in real-world environments where it can be hard to predict the best places to set up a camera. With a little preparation, a virtual background can help you look professional and be productive anywhere at any time.

As you can see, there is nowhere you can’t use a virtual background. All you need to do is select your favorite background, upload your logo, save the finished design and select it in Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other desktop or mobile video conferencing application that supports virtual backgrounds.

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