Common Myths Around Adopting from Foster Home

Common Myths Around Adopting from Foster Home

Myths about adoption from foster care are based on real worries. Foster children are no different from other children in that they require a family to show them the love they deserve, even though they are in care because they have experienced abuse or neglect. When it comes to foster care adoption, most people are interested in children under two years, without siblings, and without special needs. The reality of who these waiting children are may persuade potential adoptive parents to open their hearts and homes, even though they rarely fit into any of those ideal categories.

Foster kids are delinquents

Fifty percent of respondents to a survey by the US Department of Health and Human Services think that a large number of children in foster care are there as a result of their misbehavior. One of the most widespread myths is that children in foster care are criminals. In actuality, abuse occurs more often than mistreatment, which is why kids end up in foster care. They bear no responsibility whatsoever for the harm that has entered their lives. They are the victims of unfair treatment, but they can move past the past and into a better future if you support them.

Fostering a special needs child is difficult

Though this term is not limited to children with severe physical, mental, or emotional challenges, there are foster children who are classified as special needs. Foster children who are older, from a particular racial background (such as African American or American Indian), or who belong to a sibling group are also included in the child welfare system. Adopting a foster child who requires specialized medical care will give you access to medical care, including counseling and physical therapy, which will promote the child’s healing. For instance, therapists and medications are available to treat him if he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

There are few children who are waiting to be adopted

Another widespread misperception is that there aren’t many kids up for adoption. AdoptUsKids reports that over 100,000 children are in need of permanent homes. Compared to the short list of kids you might find online, that is quite different. The large number of kids in foster care indicates that many of them have experienced abuse. They can get what they need from people like you, who can reassure them that love doesn’t hurt.

You can’t make any difference

There will be difficulties and there won’t be sunshine every day. However, let’s face it: being biologically related to your child or not does not define good from bad days. You have the power to change your own life just as you can change the one of your child. Who knows? You might be able to raise a doctor or teacher in the future who will positively influence others. To have an impact on numerous lives, all it takes is one person.

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