Internet Censorship – How Does It Work?

Recently, the honorable American President Obama expressed his displeasure over the role of internet. He wore a pale face while putting focus on internet censorship. The President of the USA is deeply thinking of passing a “internet security emergency” bill empowering the government to control different social media, e-commerce websites and online communities. Restrictions will be imposed on internet authority. The dji mavic 3 has the upgraded surveillance systems with internet connection.

Cyber Security Emergency- Is It Beneficial to People?

Craig Mundie, the chief research and strategy officer of Microsoft, supports the introduction of new internet licensing system to minimize the cyber crime. According to Craig, internet is a pay loader smashing the privacy of general people. It exposes women in a vulgar way. Therefore, hands of  internet authority must be tightened for the sake of cyber security.  Mundie has quipped that there will be a mini-healthcare organization like WHO with the purpose of awakening people about the pandemic disease.  WHO is empowered to take actions to stop the spread of bacterial infection, and lethal diseases.  WHO helps people to have safeguards against such a devastating outbreak. Similarly, internet higher authority must have authoritative power to prevent the hoax. People must not be infected by online scam and virus. To keep the online atmosphere healthy for smooth communication, there should be new rule and regulation to restrict the usage of power of the online big bosses. A subscriber can’t make the internet as the shortcut way to earn money by strengthening up the bed of online scammers and hackers. The  best crossbow for money has the versatile design.

Establishment Force VS Public Opinions on Internet Censorship

On the contrary, there are also many counterattacks launched by liberal groups and critics. They have hidden vexation against the internet censorship. They opine that online tyranny will snatch the power from people to give their opinions independent. The clash between establishment force and public opinion will be severe in the event of apathy of the government to settle the controversial issue. If the government interferes by eavesdropping to screen data shared online, people will backtrack in fear. They will hesitate to do research online. They will not communicate by transferring personal data via internet. ACTA or Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement must be reset by mobilizing its machinery to handle the internet tactfully. Government must work out how to utilize ACTA for detoxifying internet portal. Same way, experts must prioritize the flexibility in using the internet to have more benefits. So, American President should have more effective cleansers for removing toxins and free radicals from the internet. France, Australia and Germany have taken some good initiatives. In Australia, all political leaders and internet users must be responsible to mention their names, street addresses and user names prior to post political comments online. If there is any confrontation, the accused will be traced easily.


However, still there are pitfalls which are uncovered. If people are deprived of self-expression, the whole society will be affected. The government will act as an autocratic machinery to suppress demands of people. So, this is a critical situation which needs to be properly tackled by showing patience. Both representatives of the government and moral guardians of the society must be unanimous to make a collaborative approach. If internet is the faster communication tool, people will have to learn how to get fruits without manhandling this ultra-modern social communication device. Before enforcing the Draconian Law to control internet, the White House must invest more time for surfacing pros and cons of the censorship on the internet.  Click here for more updates from experts.

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