Writing Blogs – Here Are Some Tips To Choose Catchy Titles

Blog titles are the prime thing to gain popularity, bring readers’ attention, and grow traffic to your site. It has been seen that users mostly click on the site based on how the article’s title appeals to them. If you want readers to read your blogs, creating catchy titles can be a good tool.

The traffic of your site can go up to 200% for good titles. There are various styles of writing blog titles. Here, in this article, we have provided a few tips which will help you to create catchy and interesting blog titles.

‘Listicle’ Blog Titles:

Blog titles in this format catch the readers’ attention the most. It is a short-form blog writing format. Here titles are written by creating a list of numbers – such as “10 Ways To Grow Your Business”.

This type of numbered title attracts readers psychologically. They think they will get a certain number of solutions from the article and it will not be an exaggeration of facts. Articles with this type of title get more clicks than others.

Titles Starting With ‘How To’:

Staring blog titles with ‘How To’ is more suitable for educating readers about something. Reading this type of title, readers understand the blog content will teach them something. Here are some examples – ‘How To Make Profit In Digital Marketing’, ‘How To Lean Coding Languages In Less Time’, etc.

If you are writing about the best moving companies, you can give a title like ‘How To Find The Best Movers Near You’. When the readers think that they should learn something properly, they also begin searches with the tag ‘How to’. Under this circumstance, blogs with this tag catch their attention easily.

‘Question’ Blog Titles:

Mostly, readers search for something when they have some question in their mind. If they find their question is matching with the title of the blog, they can not resist clicking it. It is also a good content marketing approach.

You can use this type of title when you think this topic will certainly raise a question in users’ minds. If your blog is centered around the hunting equipment – crossbow, you should give this title – ‘Buying Crossbows – Where And How Can I Use Them Efficiently?’

‘Ultimate Guide’ Blog Titles:

It is an epic style of blog title writing. It gives a sense that everything from a to z is available in this blog. No need to visit other sites. This type of title also implies a long-length blog.

Visitors who don’t want to visit multiple sites for the same topic, search for everything in one blog. If you are writing this type of blog, you should obviously try this format. Suppose your topic is temperature transmitter gadgets. Here, you should include everything like – what they are, their features, how they work, when and where they are required, how to purchase them, etc.


Now you have learned some tips about how to write catchy blog titles. You know the internet is full of billions of sites and the number of content and blogs are even more. So, you need to choose some interesting titles so that your blogs can stand out in this crowd.

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