8 Benefits of St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

8 Benefits of St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

St. Lucia is an island nation of about 170,000 people. It is ideal not only for recreation and travel, but also for business expansion. It has a great climate, picturesque mountains, waterfalls, tropical forests, endless beaches, developed infrastructure, and distinctive culture. There are many fascinating natural attractions. If your dream is to live and work in warmth and comfort on a tropical island, this is one of the best places on the planet. St Lucia citizenship by investment will allow you to officially move to a new country and bring your family and loved ones with you. This will be the beginning of a new stage of life. 

The main advantages of St Lucia CBI program, which is important to mention are the following:

  1. Equality of rights with those born in the country, including the right to vote and the ability to inherit citizenship.
  2. Newborn children of investors can acquire citizenship by descent and inherit a passport.
  3. Visa-free entry to 140 countries, including Schengen countries, Hong Kong and the UK.
  4. Remote application and package submission, fast processing; personal presence in the country is not required.
  5. Political and economic stability in the country based on British style of government.
  6. The loyal tax policy which encourages opening of new businesses.
  7. You can legally have two passports at once.
  8. Excellent air transport links to most cities in the world, direct flights to the U.S., Canada, Europe.

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Learn more about the program

The government’s CBI program started in 2016. It was launched to support the economy, create new jobs, and increase foreign investment in the country. It used best practices from other states’ programs to create St Lucia citizenship advantages. In exchange for residency, the country receives foreign investment for the growth and development of its economy and infrastructure. So, let’s see why this particular program is attractive and what are its pros:

  • foreigners can obtain residency and passports within 4-6 months;
  • available to all nationalities and does not require mandatory language requirements;
  • applications can be completed online without visiting or living in the state;
  • applicants can make a cash infusion into the island’s National Economic Fund (NEF), invest in real estate or government bonds.

All applicants must pass a due diligence review to confirm that there are no illegal or corrupt activities, criminal convictions or government debts. This is a mandatory procedure for every potential resident.

Who can apply for the CBI program

It can be a man or a woman over 18 years of age, with a reliable source of income to make investments, with no criminal record or sanctions restrictions. Together with the principal applicant, the following may apply for residency:

  • spouse;
  • father/mother over the age of fifty-five;
  • son/daughter under thirty years of age;
  • unmarried siblings of the principal applicant under the age of eighteen.

According to Immigrant Invest specialist Victor Esik, the principal applicant and all relatives over 16 years old must pass a comprehensive background check to confirm a clean background and good financial history.

The application process 

The step-by-step list of necessary stages for applying for a St Lucia passport, benefits of which we have already listed, is the following:

  • find an authorized agent of the country, who will supervise the process and help at each stage;
  • choose one of the 3 investment options: real estate, NEF or government bonds;
  • collect the documents, fill out the forms, translate and notarize them;
  • submit the papers to the national government and wait for the application review and due diligence, which takes about 3-4 months.

At the end of the review period, the governing body sends the applicant an email about the results of the review and informs him of its decision regarding the granting of citizenship. Successful applicants can make the full payment, and then the best part – receiving the passport and moving to a beautiful tropical country in the Caribbean islands!

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